Doraemon's Favourite Food!

Since my family and I back from Malacca, I very tired and want to eat the something which imported from Japan! ^ ^ since my mom bring it from Japan..It is delicious! This is the Doraemon's favorite food! He loves to eat it! He is staying with Nobita, so u sure know who is "Doraemon"! :D

Can you guess about what is Doraemon's favourite food? :D

This is a Dorayaki!! We bought it from Japan! ^ ^ It got red bean! So, delicious!

You better to buy this Dorayaki!


dorayaki 2

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OMG Dorayaki!!!

Somemore its a real dorayaki from japan!! I want~~~~

Selina Wing said…
I think that dorayaki sell at JUSCO.. I not sure.. :P