Paddington House of Pancakes @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

booklogopancakePaddington House of Pancakes is a comfortable place, and serving everything with a touch of pancake. There are many unique and delicious pancakes offered! They have some imported sauce on the table which includes mustard, chilli sauce, and tomato sauce..When we given the menus, wow..this size of book is larger and thickness, but it is very heavy! It was like a wedding photo album-! I think that it have more than 100 items? Haha! -_- This is my first time to visit this restuarant because my ex-classmate, Sue told me that this is very nice so we better to try the different of pancakes..

We have a hard time on deciding what to order and couldn’t figure which ones are the best dessert, pancake and main courses...We were keep flipping and flipping...Haha! Just give it a try only.


My best friend, Eze offered the "Tokyo" pancake consisted chicken breast, hams and bacon topped cheddar cheese with small tomatoes, and two vege rolls. We liked it because it was very delicious! We shared it with him, but Sue keep stealing eat it from his funny!


Come, "Vienna" pancake - have a hot dog, mushroom and cheese sausage!..This one looks and taste really like "thin crust" pizza. A light, healthy and tasty delicious! It make me want to offer different again :P but, I was sick and cannot eat more..T_T

Lastly..we offered the sweetish dessert.. :P A big roll served with lots of ice cream and fresh bananas..yummy! Luciky, Sue and I love to eat ice cream so we continue to eat until its finish!


Sue kept saying that it was delicious! delicious! while we were eating.. haha.. We have to order mineral water at RM2 a bottle. :(

Everyone commented about the pancakes are very creative and delicious! Thanks to Eze for letting me used his pictures! ^ ^

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Anonymous said…
Which floor is it in Queensbay Mall, the Paddington House? Thanks
sorry..due to my blunt mind...its on level 1 and is near to Borders bookstore there