Bedtime Stories Review


Adam Sandler decides to reach out to the children this holiday season when his character Skeeter Bronson babysits his niece and nephew, so he finds the only way to connect with the kids, and get them to go to sleep, is by telling them bedtime stories He later learns that whatever details the kids add to the story become reality in his own life.

I was surprised when a guinea pig, Bugsy have big eyes!! O_O appeared in the movie. It is funny pet because it can do exercise, ring a bell when it want to sleep..and love to eat lot foods! Bugsy is clever? :P It always show up his big eyes on many times, that make us laugh.. :P


This movie makes the different of scenes in every story – full of chivalrous knights, honorable cowboys, and slimy space monsters that make the kids feel magical. It make us still laugh out because this stories are very funny! The movie is also great at incorporating that classic Disney magic feeling, which you never think you’ll see in a Sandler comedy. The movie has your classic Disney elements, character gets something magic, character has conflict, happy ending with plenty of magic, and happiness. When you make a story, you can mix the fantasy into your reality story, then it become your bedtime story! XD

This will probably be a good family movie. There are a nice message about a family can spend time putting together something so they can enjoy with the kids. Not an instant classic, but the bedtime stories here will grow on you, so you never forget what message the parents left you when you will be adult!

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