Wild Boar @ Bukit Jalil Park

Normally, my family and I always go to the Bukit Jalil Park on Sunday. The Bukit Jalil Park is located opposite the Bukit Jalil Golf Resort. The park is famed as a jogger's site. There was a section of the park where there lived animals, such as monkeys, birds, turtles, and fishes. We also jogging on every morning. My mom told me that there are getting many boars in the jungle~ So, my sis and I want to see the real 'boar'! Because this is the first time the wild boars lived there! Why they placed this animals in this place? maybe they want to attract more tourists and joggers? :P

While we are jogging, we also find where it is.. Finally, I found lot of wild boars..Wow! A mother boar is big! She also take care of is cute! :D See the pictures below;

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sciencefiesta said…
Nice catch Selina! Love those wild boar pictures. Does not look harmful to me :)

By the way, nice blog with excellent layout!

Merry Christmas and Cheers!
Selina Wing said…
thank you! :) hehe but I not sure that the wild boar still be in the park until now or not cuz my mom said they remove them already since last week.. :(