Obama Campaign Reaches Out To Deaf Community!

But Eisenhour understands what most people don't - that sometimes there are people on the other end of that line.

The numbers - which give a pattern of electronic beeps and clicks - typically are discarded as faxes or computer modems. However, some connect to the homes and lives of people in the deaf community who communicate with a special text telephone called TTY.

“This is our trial run,” Eisenhour said. “They've worked up a list of numbers for us here.

“Some of them might just be fax machines, but some hopefully will be actual deaf community members.”

Reaching those in the deaf community is the reason why she spent her Wednesday night volunteering in the Callaway County Democratic Headquarters phone canvassing for Barack Obama's Campaign for Change.

“The deaf community wants to be treated like everyone else and they should have that right,” Eisenhour said. “They want to be informed about the issues of the day and want to have an opportunity also to let their opinions be known.”

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After the election, Barrack Obama finally win and will become the first-black president America! I also want to know what happened to deaf community in Amercia if they would support Obama or not.. I shocked when I read about;

Barack Obama Knows Basic Sign Language!


"Today during work, I was talking with my interpreter while things were quiet for a moment. She mentioned that she was watching the news coverage of the first Obama/Biden rally in Springfield and saw him signing “thank you” to a group of deaf people who were in attendance. I was surprised and pleased, remembering my previous experience meeting with Obama in person. He seemed very friendly to the deaf people.." - Leah

Here is the link

I also want to watch this TV about Obama shows his sign language when he was with deaf group! Maybe anyone has a clip of it that may be posted on YouTube? It will be great!

I think that lot of deaf people will like Obama in Amercia~ They want to vote for a change. I am impressed with Obama engaged in sign language communication. :) I am happy that Obama won't forget the disabled community, such as deaf, blind, and etc! I sure that they will live better like normal people..I really hope that our country, Malaysia also focus on the disabled community, give better service and support them!

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Good...Wish Malaysia's PM can be like him =D
Selina Wing said…
yeah, I hope that Malaysia's PM can be non-Malay, also Malay. :) Because our country, Malaysia is multi-country, have different race.. rite? :D