Japan Widget: Cut Negative Keywords on Your Blog into Pieces!

I found an interesting widget from the Japanese blog..

Do you know what is 'Kendo'? Kendo is the Japanaese martial art of fencing. But, I don't interest in Kendo..haha

A niche magazine for Kendo “Monthly Kendo Jidai (Age of Kendo)” has released a blog widget and made a shattering blow among Japanese blogsphere.

They are doing new widget, it is very fun..I test the Kendo Magazine Official BLog Widget in my blog..:O Wow, a samurai can attack the negative words in my blog! My word already lost~ Haha..

Once you set up this widget on your blog and push “Fight!” button, the samrai stands up and make a bow. Then he cuts a negative keyword in the blog article into pieces by the sword to smash your negative spirit.

Try to see the Sample Weblog (English)


A samurai can attack the negative keywords again if you want to play more.. and reshape your spirit with this Samurai widget!

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Anonymous said…
i've tried this widget in my blog, and it's so cool :D just for fun~
Selina Wing said…
yeah..first time I saw a samurai can break the bad words in the blog.. :P