Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Subscribe & Win "Beijing Olympic 2008" ! From benghan.com

Good news!

I found an interesting topic from benghan.com when I login in the Loywat forum. He will give away the special prizes to the winner who blog about the post "Subscribe & Win "Beijing Olympic 2008" and gain 3 draws! So, you want to try this? :D You will stand a chance to win fabulous prizes specially imported from Beijing China Olympics 2008!

Don't worry, you just do simple;
  1. Register yourself here (1 Draw) or Subscribe to my RSS FEEDS (1 Draw).
  2. Optional : Write about this post in your blog (Plus 2 Draws).
  3. Email him at benghan@gmail.com to notify him:-
    • With the subject of : “[SUBSCRIBE & WIN OLYMPICS 2008 MERCHANDISE]“
    • With the content of : Full Name, Contact Number, Blog’s URL (If any) and Email Address.

A) So whats the Prizes?

Each draw token is entitled to draw for any of the below.

1st Option: Olympics Fu-Wa Linter Toy *

Spec.: 20cm
Material: Soft linter covering

2nd Option: Olympics 2008 Mascots Golden Memorial Badge (5pcs Package) *

Spec.: 35mm in dia.
Material: Copper with gold plating cover
Circulation: 60000set

B) How can I triple the chance of winning?

Blog about this post and you will gain another 2 draws. In total, you’ll have 3 draws.

C) How many Winners?

There will be only 1 winner, which will be drawn randomly from the overall list of subscribers. The more draws you get, the better chance you have.

D) When can I know the results?

There is no deadline & draw result will be announced anytime! in September.

E) I don’t understand all the above ! ! !

Worry not, just click any of the buttons shown as below and send me an email at benghan@gmail.com. (That’s the manual thing that you could do)

Add to Google Reader or Homepage

Subscribe in a reader

F) I still don’t understand ? !

Please email him at benghan@gmail.com with your name, email address and I will register manually for you.

Good Luck! Please visit the benghan.com website. :)


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I really like the toys; Olympics Fu-Wa! My mum and sis went to the Shanghai, China, but they cannot buy a toy and T-shirt..:( because it was expensive in Beijing! Nevermind, my family and I also spend time together for watching an ASTRO Olympic..:D I sure that China will win but, I hope that Malaysia can win a gold medal!

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