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Good news!

I found an interesting topic from when I login in the Loywat forum. He will give away the special prizes to the winner who blog about the post "Subscribe & Win "Beijing Olympic 2008" and gain 3 draws! So, you want to try this? :D You will stand a chance to win fabulous prizes specially imported from Beijing China Olympics 2008!

Don't worry, you just do simple;
  1. Register yourself here (1 Draw) or Subscribe to my RSS FEEDS (1 Draw).
  2. Optional : Write about this post in your blog (Plus 2 Draws).
  3. Email him at to notify him:-
    • With the subject of : “[SUBSCRIBE & WIN OLYMPICS 2008 MERCHANDISE]“
    • With the content of : Full Name, Contact Number, Blog’s URL (If any) and Email Address.

A) So whats the Prizes?

Each draw token is entitled to draw for any of the below.

1st Option: Olympics Fu-Wa Linter Toy *

Spec.: 20cm
Material: Soft linter covering

2nd Option: Olympics 2008 Mascots Golden Memorial Badge (5pcs Package) *

Spec.: 35mm in dia.
Material: Copper with gold plating cover
Circulation: 60000set

B) How can I triple the chance of winning?

Blog about this post and you will gain another 2 draws. In total, you’ll have 3 draws.

C) How many Winners?

There will be only 1 winner, which will be drawn randomly from the overall list of subscribers. The more draws you get, the better chance you have.

D) When can I know the results?

There is no deadline & draw result will be announced anytime! in September.

E) I don’t understand all the above ! ! !

Worry not, just click any of the buttons shown as below and send me an email at (That’s the manual thing that you could do)

Add to Google Reader or Homepage

Subscribe in a reader

F) I still don’t understand ? !

Please email him at with your name, email address and I will register manually for you.

Good Luck! Please visit the website. :)


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I really like the toys; Olympics Fu-Wa! My mum and sis went to the Shanghai, China, but they cannot buy a toy and T-shirt..:( because it was expensive in Beijing! Nevermind, my family and I also spend time together for watching an ASTRO Olympic..:D I sure that China will win but, I hope that Malaysia can win a gold medal!

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