Gion Bread @ Kyoto

Try a bite and you will never forget the original taste of this bread from Kyoto!

Gion Danish Bread is a unique bread from ancient city of Kyoto with all its original taste and texture under the supervision of Japanese baker. It is crusty as a croissant on the outside, delicately soft on the inside and it is made with the finest vegetable oil without any butter.

The delightful sweet aroma and pleasant after taste is the secret behind the popularity of Gion Danish bread. It has a shelf life of almost one week in proper storage

Gion Danish bread is specially import from Kyoto, Japan by BO-LO'GNE SDN BHD and it cost RM 18 per row.

Since Bon Odori Festival, we walked around the Japanese shops. They sell lot of things which imported from Japan..Mostly, the people really love to eat the foods from Japan! haha. I found this special booth named "Gion Kyoto" crowded with people... They sell Gion Danish Bread from Kyoto, Japan.. For me it just look like a ordinary bread that we eat everyday. There are samples wherever this bread is sold to promote it...So, we want to try a small piece of this bread...

This bread has got to be one of the best tasting breads I’ve ever eaten! When you toast it, the smell’s just heavenly! It tastes so great, you must want to eat it! :P I brought the half of bread loaf, so it's RM 9... Normally, they sell price RM 18 for a loaf at the 'Bolo'gne' shop in Jusco..

Where can you get it? You can find Gion Kyoto in Jusco- I Utama, Mid Valley, IOI Malls, and any place..because the Bolo'gne shop still sell lot of breads in Jusco, you sure get it from there! ;)

Check out:

At home, I think that the heavy loaf (heavier than usual one) expelled very thick flavor of margarines. I never forget the first bite. So rich, so tender and so full. Oh my! Just like my mom said:"It's expensive, but you got to try it!" You can put inside the oven if you want its hot and smell good taste.. ;)

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Anonymous said…
Hi,we have seen your blog and we appreciate your interest in our bread. However,there are a few points that we need to clarify. First of all,we had localized some ingredients of GION bread from the very beginning and baked freshly everyday in our factory at subang bestari. As the bread is now selling at about RM40 in japan so it would be quite impossible for us to import the bread and it would not be as fresh too. Secondly, a look alike bread but cost more is recently sold in jusco . They are using our company's name on their plastic bags which is very misleading to our customers. From the plastic bag, it is said that the bread comes from Johor. However, the original GION bread is now sold in Carrefour Midvalley, Carrefour wangsa Maju, Leisure Mall(cheras), Atria(Damansara Jaya) and soon Carrefour Subang Jaya. RM18 for full loaf and RM9.80 for half a loaf. Thank you again for your support,Bo-log'ne SDN BHD.
Edward said…
Looks like any normal bread, but the way u describe it have attracted my attention.

I'll go get it at carrefour, and bo-log'ne, thanks for the update.
Anonymous said…
ya, you are right. .the one in Jusco sells at RM25 per loaf. I bought it two weeks ago. I still have balance in the fridge. Bologne Sdn Bhd name is indicated there but address at JB.
No contact number too. Is it halal then? There is no halal logo. I assumed it has since from your company. now I know it is not true, i have to throw away then. How can Jusco allows their supplier to do this which is misleading?
Selina Wing said…
If you don't like it, why you don't go to comment with Jusco and Bolo'gne. I just try to taste GION bread. I think that it is really delicious. So, i don't comment it. If you see no halal logo on this bread, you just leave it.. :)
Anonymous said…
Hei guys, I went to try the said bread in mid valley. The store is not there, said closed. I was asked by the sale girl to get from Bologne Carrefour. Yes, it is delicious!
Mr.Smith said…
i think RM9 for half loaf bread is totally rubbish... same taste of bread, its white bread - for god sake..
go to japanese restaurant in hotel, u get it cheaper and taste nicer too.
Anonymous said…
where can I find the Gion bread now. I used to buy from Mid Valley. I live in Penang and travel to KL frequently. I usually buy several loaves and freeze them so I always have it on hand but have not been able to find it ...HELP!
GION Bread is sold at Carrefour Mid Valley, Subang Jaya, Kepong, wangsa Maju. For Tesco, you can find our stores at Tesco Kajang .. Leisure Mall has too. Pls call 03-78439855 for more info.
Anonymous said…
hi is this bread still sold at carrefour midvalley?
cos I went today and they told me it has been closed for a couple
of months now. so where else can I get this bread from? pls reply asap.
fr: preggers mom-to-be who is craving for this bread!!
Anonymous said…
Hi, is Gion bread still being sold in places mentioned above ? I missed the taste of the bread since couple of years ago I bought but shortly after couldn't buy it anywhere else....