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As deaf, you wish to have FREE email for deaf comunity only? Or, you boring with name email; yahoo, hotmail or gmail? So, you can try to see the website; FREE Deafemail If you interested with this, you can sign up today! is:
  • Free is a full-feature free e-mail service supported by advertisements.
  • Globally Accessible Send/receive mail from any computer with any browser anywhere in the world, even if you change Internet service providers.
  • Permanent Your account and e-mail addresses are yours forever.
  • Private Your private e-mail will be protected from your employer and others - only you can read it.
  • SPAM-Free Our service uses the latest technology to block SPAM before it can reach your mail box.
  • Versatile Our e-mail feature includes attachment capabilities so you can send images, photo, or documents.

I want to know if deaf company get to provide free email for deaf community or not..I found one - Deafemail in search google so, I try to explore new email if it is similar with Yahoo and MSN or not.. I noticed that this email interface already improved than last time..But, it don't have different of color skin and tick the boxes - every mails ..I think that it is very simple and clean. :)

System Requirements
1. A computer built within the last 3 years
2. Windows XP, Vista, or Mac OS X Tiger
3. Internet Explorer 6 or 7, Firefox 2, or Safari 2
4. A 56 Kbps Internet connection or faster

I registered there then I get new email; It is easy to remember name ''? Haha Like sound, "Hai, I have a deaf email' .. :D

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