Tower Bloxx

Tower Bloxx is a deceptively simple puzzle game from Digital Chocolate that offers two key modes of play. The main action is tower building, which you do with one button. Each floor of your tower is brought in by crane, and it sways back and forth until you drop it by pressing the 5 or OK key (if you use mobile phone). Your goal is to build the straightest tower possible. If you misalign your blocks, the tower will start to sway, making it more difficult to properly place blocks. It's a challenge at first, but you quickly settle into a tower-building rhythm, making the action awfully easy.

It has a basic but effective look to it. The towers sway back and forth, and you'll see little people hanging from umbrellas floating in to live in your building as you're building it, which is a clever little touch..You can build the bigger towers and really goose the number of people living in your new city. The game smartly limits the building types to four..It make you think about how to increase the traffic of residents in your city!

I really like this game after I played it with using my eldest sis's mobile phone..She brought new game mobile 'Tower Bloxx' from Nokia Games..

How you can find this game?

1. Free to play Tower Bloxx
*Use the mouse to place the pieces...You can put as many towers as you can in the city. First of all you have to pile 10 floors to get inhabitants. :D

2. If you are using Facebook, you go to grab the Tower Bloxx application. As you know, this application has close to 11,000 active daily users in Facebook! You can play this game to get more score to beat another player in your group's friends.. ;)

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Tower Bloxx also has a PC version: