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I got free SMS service, Chawt from his blog, hongkiat. I decided to use free sms service. After I registered, it works just fine in Malaysia! I agreed withHongKiat that it’s really hard to find a free online SMS sending services nowadays... Last time, I also spend time to find free SMS services in Malaysia, but i didn't get it -_-

This free SMS sending services requires you to sign up, then click 'submit' to activate the account with your mobile phone. For example, your mobile number is +6012xxx xxxx --> you put +60 - 12xxx xxxx in the form. Once submit it, you sure get a sms 'activation code'..You just paste the code sent in the form. Finally, you can login in after you activate!

I tested this service and my best friend, Ezequiel received a sms from me~! It have 85 characters and limited of 15 messages per day only. :) Don't worry, you no need to pay because it is FREE SMS! It is nice? I think it can works in another countries; Singapore, Indonesia, HongKong, Australia and many..

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Edward said…
You can check this out as well,another free sms service:

However for this is that the catch is that when you send a sms to your friend, they will also include advertisement inside as well. And those who can receive the SMS must also subscribe to this service first.

So the positive side of this is that, you can sms to a list of your friends who have sign up with this services for FREE. :)
Selina Wing said…
Thank you for giving the information to me.. Well, this txtbuddies more looks like yahoo chat..But, it can save your friends in the contact list of mobile phones. But, I really lazy to create new contact list..haha!