Rainlender 2

This is my one of the best desktop calendars I have used. Rainlendar Lite, allows you to use the calendar the way you want. It is a very easy to use, easy on the eyes calendering program made for Linus, and XP Windows. As it stick with your desktop and easily available to there, I like it most. It also support different of skin; bear skin, cloud skin, and many..

Download here

See my rainlendar at the desktop;

The to do list and events are my favorites , the simple reason is I am forget what is my plan.. If something is an important in my plan. I need to do something for my projects, I just right click and add it. Then events will show what you need to do in the calender when your important date will reach.. You'll also get an alarm when an event or task is due so that you don't miss it. The alarm can be defined to be set off any duration before the actual event so you have time to prepare for it..When you open your pc, it will appear at your desktop if the date of events is an important in the reinlendar so automatically! It is easy? :)

How to find the skins? Can download some from;

After you download it from the rainlendar skin,, you will unzip then click 'My Computer' > 'Program Files' > 'Rainlendar 2' > 'Skins'.. You can put one folder which you unzip into the 'Skins'. Finally, you can open 'Rainlendar 2' and can choose which skin you like~ :D

*I really like Rainlendar skin named 'Mushroom' and Sushi ^ ^ I think that Teddybear is ok only :D

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