Hack FeedBuner Chicklet Button

Do you know what is feedburner?

This is about this button to turn new visitors into regular readers - show your feed stats (or subscriber count) somewhere near the orange RSS button and you will definitely see an increase in the rate at which new people subscribe to your blog.

Feedburner provides a sleek Feedcount web graphic that displays the circulation stats of your blog feed. You can choose any custom color scheme for the Feedburner chicklet from Publicize tab of Feedburner control panel but there's no direct way to change the text displayed inside the Chicklet.

Usually the FeedBurner chicklet that we see is like this;

See 'readers' in the button, right? Then, I changed new title to 'deafz' -something different like;

To do it, just put the code &label=hacked after the image url. It is really simple hack. :d

For example;

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