New logo : Selina's Wing

Since I am doing my new banner, Ezequiel give me a suggestion about new logo... It is better if my blog has a logo because it can used as copyright 'logo'.. so I am not good at design the logos.. I asked him to help me to design logos..He do many logos than me! :P

He finished to design 6 logos then show me..Wow! Nice design of logos.. See below;

Hehe.. He loves this wing.. :P He got new idea for make this creative logo! Thanks to him! ^ ^


Anonymous said...

Do you or/and Tze Yean have online portfolio? I am looking for some freelancers to work with. Thanks

Selina Wing said...

Please click my portfolio coroflot on my left side..

Selina Wing said...

if you are interested to work with me, please email me; :)

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