Amazing Race Asia - Season 2

Do you know what about The Amazing Race Asia "Season 2"? Ok, it is about...

"The biggest reality production undertaken by an Asian broadcaster, The Amazing Race Asia’s new season promises to be bigger, bolder, and going to countries in Asia and beyond! Upping the ante this season, the race puts together not only an amazing cast of diverse personalities, but also a host of new and exciting challenges that will have teams racing around the world in an adventure of a lifetime.

The exciting 10 teams in The Amazing Race Asia 2 are definitely unique especially with a first time addition of a Japan team and a contestant with a hearing disability to the race. These adventurous racers made up of siblings, best friends, couples and ex-flatmates, will go all out to bag the US$100,000 prize.

Besides, hunky actor and model Allan Wu returns to the race as the host to guide viewers in each leg of The Amazing Race Asia 2. Be sure to watch as Allan adds his own edgy style to the new season that will surely win the hearts of viewers around Asia..!"

Collin (hearing) and Adrian (deaf)

Adrian (deaf) and Collin (hearing) are winner of Amazing Race Asia Season 2!! As I know, Adrian's hearing disability as a hindrance in the race, but he success to race with his best buddies, Collin.. He still never give up.. I watch the final epsiode... Collin also worried because they are in 3rd place before reach the final of place...But, Adrian said "We must focus on our goal, not think others..." :P Adrian are good in memorizing, math, and like to take risk of challenge! They never blame each other if something does happen and always rely on their teamwork during their jounery.. ^ ^

Finally, they are getting 1st winner and beat other guys- best buddies from Philippines! Congratulation to Adrian and Collin!! ^ ^

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