Interview Tips!!

Some I found the interview tips when I go to others's blog websites.. So, I post this topic so I hope that it can help you about how to interview with your company during you are looking new career job..

1. Preparation! Preparation!

If you want to ace in an interview, by all means, do your porfolio and prepare yourself! You should be yourself but be well prepared. Do some research on the details of companies and jobs before the interview. Rehearse and simulate a few sessions with another person and anticipate the questions that will be posed to you.

2. That Armani Suit…

Focus on your best business attire to project a professional image. Jeans, slippers, sleeveless shirts, T-shirts and caps are not allowed. Hair should be neatly presented (no long hair for male applicants) while your attire should be clean and crumple-free. You can dress yourself so you will looks as nicely and professionally.

3. Watch out for your Body Language
Before go in the interview room, you must bring the notes, pens and porfolio works. Once seated, you should sit up straight with hands on your lap or desk, and lean slightly forward to the interviewer to show interest. During the interview, keep eye contact with the interviewer. Write on pen and paper during communication between you and the interviewer (Don't write long..long answer, it is not eassy). And don't forget to put up your best smile.

4. Do's: Turn off your handphone before entering the room. Greet the interviewer "good morning/afternoon" as you enter the room and introduce yourself. Ask questions in a polite manner.Thank the interviewer at the end of the interview session.

5. Question?
The interviewer will ask you the questions..

1. Tell us about yourself?
2. What do you know about our company?
3. What projects/kind of works you did since your university or previous company?
4. What do you know about the type of work we do in our company?
5. What are your strengths? or What are you learning your skills?
6. Why did you leave your previous/last job?
(Try not to say: "I was fired," "terminated," "quit," or "couldn't get along with coworkers or supervisor").
7. Why should we hire you? ---> it is very important to get job.
8. What do you look for in a job? or Why do you want to work for us?
9. What are your career goals?
10. How much salary are you expecting?--> Mostly asked me before. Haha.. it depends on your luck~ Be smart about money questions because they will discuss with you about salary range the job, and asking for too little or too much money if it is in cases..
11. Do you have any question for me? --> must ask them about contacts, details of companies, work hours, good benetifs, transport, company's phone numbers and etc..

It can help you gain new knowledge/ experience about how to pass in your interview~!! ;)

My interpreter L -- my mum's friend told me about lot of deaf friends still wait some news from the companies after their interview and find other job at same time.. but it took long months.. It is not easy for them.

She told me that me very fast to get a career job already after I am graduated in my university so I lucky..Haha..

lets we can share our experience and help each other if you have any problem about the job and interviews~

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