8th Convo MMU 2007 - I finally graduated~!!

Finally, I graduated in Multimedia University!! My parent, grandma and aunt came to see me in the Grand Hall! ^ ^ I enjoyed to meet my friends MMU again~ My mum really be happy and want to cry..haha. Thank you to all include my mum's friends, my relatives, lecturers, Interface Design dept, friends, Senate, Dean FCM, President MMU, and Dr. Siti Hasmah for supporting me for all this year!! ^ ^ I really miss my friends who studied together with me in MMU! ^ ^ I hope to get good career in my life!!

My cute sis and me! Haha...

My sisters and Me~ ^ ^


JABParis said...



Selina Wing said...

Thank you, Judy! ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Congratulation!! =)

Selina Wing said...

thank you, jayce ooi ^_^

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