New Banner~!

Design Banner

I just finish to design my new banner.. That is why I already boring with old Why I designed banner about 'falling snow' and environment place? because I love season 'winter' !^ ^ I choose the picture 'Kyoto' in Japan. It is very beautiful and harmony place so Japanese
citizens lives in harmony with a natural and cultural environment!

Introduction about Kyoto City, Japan

For me, Kyoto as Historical city.. It is not simply protecting its old traditions and culture, but is rather building upon the rich traditions of predecessors as a foundation for open domestic and international exchange. It is a city which maintains a revolutionary spirit, a city of ideas and the cultural capital of Japan, constantly creating new traditions. In a partnership of trust with the people, efforts are made to create a "relaxing lifestyle in a vibrant city", as a positive response towards the new era, while simultaneously protecting and developing traditional culture. Kyoto is a true jewel - Japan's asset and the world's treasure. See more information about the history of Kyoto ^ ^

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