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Gaia Online - It is very cute games!

Gaia Online has become the fastest-growing hangout on the web. Millions of teens come to Gaia every month to play games, make friends, and participate in the world's most active online community.

Gaia provides a fun, social environment that inspires individuality and creativity. With everything from art contests and poetry forums to fully customizable profiles and digital characters, Gaia is a place where teens can create their own space and express their individual style.

I like to try play this game online after my roommates started to play 'Gaia'!! I saw their character are very cute! and can play together when they joined in 'Fishing' Game, 'Puzzle' Game and others~ So, I try to play 'Gaia Online' with my roommates! hehe..I am creating my new character..haha My character looks as 'Pirate Girl' haha.. See my new character named 'Miko Sei'... I try to buy new clothes at the shops in Gaia Community. I found that many characters also can wear cute clothes but they can trade their clothes in the market place Gaia! It is good for you if you can dress up your character as you like.. You will need the money when you want to buy new house or clothes..

You need to play games or trade the things by make your own money in Gaia Online! :) I found many players joined in chatroom while players played games; Fishing Games, Card Slot Games, Puzzle Games, and others. :) If you want to invite your friends for visit your house, you can buy a house after you choose new place which is suit for you..then put the new bed, table or each room. It really is cute house! :D Your friends can visit to your place and chat-chit in a house.. You also can join in new gulid if you want..You can choose your gulid which you interest or you can create new gulid by yourself. ^ ^

For Beginner,
You better try to play if you interest to play 'Gaia Online'! You no need to install software games in your computer, just sign up in Gaia Online then you can explore the Gaia Online only. It is easy for you. It is right? :) It is not like 'Ragnarok Online' - you also busy to level up your character and always kill monsters only.. but Gaia Online is different because the players only can enjoy to shopping, playing games which the players choose, buy new house, join gulids, trade in the market and others.. no need to level up your character but you need to collect new money when you play games or trade market or try to get reward from NPC! :D

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