I don't post some in my blog after chinese new year in last feb..I also busy with my work FYP. Finally, I can write my blog when I free..^ ^

About the Celebration of Chinese New Year in Feb, my family and I also busy with clean house, cook foods, and welcome grandma come to KL..before chinese new year..^ ^ I do not want go to Penang with my dad, eldest sis and young sis..I feel boring there. haha I better stay with my mum for help her to cook something and welcome the guests at my mum's house.. :D I got lot angpows from my relatives and friends! haha I also welcomed my deaf friends and best friends MMU come to my house..:)

I went to my my best friend's house, Kimberly..Wow, many deaf friends there! Maybe 30 people?! haha.. It already crazy.. :P Her bf is very busy while take care of the friends and clean foods..etc..pity him.. But, he is nice guy who also helped kimberly! haha..I hope that they will live happily! :D My deaf friend take lots of picture.. and give me the pictures! Thanks to Kim and deaf friends! :D

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