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Finally, I submited my assignment media philosophy(MLP) on last thursday..It is very easy for me doing flash web..hehe..I finished my flash "We are condemned to be free" in one day only..:P I always consulted with my lecturer during 1st consultation and 2nd consultation..No idea to draw for the theme..Lucky, thanks to mum and friends about help to explain what's meaning of theme ^ ^ Do u know about What is Media Philosophy for? We are concerned with learning to understand the media, to comprehend the media, to appreciate, to rationalise, to question, to challenge and in return enjoy the usage of media. To construe an understand of how media behave in society and how are behave with/through media. :D

This is my assignment "We are condemned to be free" - flash website.

Freedom? Freedom?

See this -

The story :

Where is freedom?........ Life is always the same routine. Buildings all around. HOW? WHERE? Men's choices aplenty but....How??? Future is always very dark and scary. People dare not move, they always like to stay at the same place. We are actually free but we dare not make choices. We can choose what we like totally but most of us are always stuck with what we are doing. People like to be surrounded by same things like buildings, friends and work. But freedom is everywhere. We are free but we always feel we are not free because choices are difficult to make. We shouldn't think too much. So it is best like the birds. We should fly out as there is always opportunity. Life's choices can be made anytime and every time. It’s all in the mind. We are actually really very free but we always think we are caged like a bird. So we have to free ourselves just like a flying bird!

I like "Existentialism" ^ ^ in Media Philosophily because the heart of existentialism is the idea that the individual human beings have to choose how they are to live, what they are to value (tradition or religion or reason), and what actions they are to perfom. :D

*Read this*
About Myth of Sisyphus - our existence to that of Sisyphus in Greek mythology. haha
-The story : Sisyphus was condemned by the gods for disobedience. his punishment consisted in rolling a huge boulder up the side of mountain until it reaches the top, whereupon the boulder tolls its course and retrieve it. he goes through the process again and again and again and again and again... for eternity!! Tedious, boring and MEaNINGLESS!!

Like your life on everyday...get boring? :P
Example, ponder upon yourself : On Monday, wake up,check your email, send some sms, brush your teeth, go to toliet, eat breakfast, go for lecture, do assignment, check your email, sned some sms, go to toliet, eat, skip tutorial..
On Tuesday, wake up, check your email, send some sms, bursh your teeth, go to toliet..
On Wednesday, thursday,Friday...
This whole thing repeats until you graduate and when you start working, a new routinue starts... haha :D
Do you think the question yourself? How shall you make use of your freedom? What is your meaning of life? What gives life value for you? Does you truly exist? Who are you?

If you want think..So, you better find your answer yourself! :)

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