Good day for me! :P

Master of FengShui! He's funny lol..:))

I am very busy with work in office..sure make me very tired..:P on this week. Yestarday, my mum, sis and I went to IOI Mall for eat dinner..I choose "Sushi King" because I really love japanese foods :P hehe. My bro cousin, Ah Fook and his wife work at "World of FengShui" shop at IOI Mall. He is master of FengShui hehe That's why mum always asked him about this. haha. He was learned all from his teacher, Lillian Loh.:O Lucky mum! because he bring my mum to her house for met her.. Lillian Loh's house is very big and have many things of "fengshui" :O My eldest sis got learned that from my bro cousin :P since she worked there b4. he said my room got advantsage and luck :P no need to change my bed, table and others hehe Pity my little sis..she need to change in her room for need the luck of education.:P We also meet Ah Fook and his wife when we want go to IOI My sisters also talk with him so many..:))

"New" Quixotic Website

I think want to create my personal website "Quixotic" because I really like this name and it have good meaning for that. As quixoticisa restoration of medieval knighthood. The Quixotic design site serving wallpapers, layouts,skins, icons and more. I was surfing around and found this absolutely gorgeous image! Used Adobe Photoshop to touch up on the textures a little, added brushes and effects, and stuffs like that. I think it's one of the prettiest I've made so far. Spent around 6 hours on everything. This coding is really time consuming for me (As I've said, I'm not like very good in table layouts) That's why I've been making a lot of table layouts now and practising hard! But, my website still not finish..>_<>_< If it dont finish, my uncle "boss" will angry me :P hehe

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