CyberS Holilday! ^ ^

Finally, i got hoilday MMU for 5 weeks! I am very happy~happy~ I can relax in my home and can eat food so many! hehe I miss my mum's cooking ^ ^ :P They always said I love to sleep and eat foods only :)) I am very enjoy shopping with my best friends MMU, Adda and Zaff after final exam. I went to my best friend's house at KL and surprised !! when saw her old brother was drawing the batik so very very beautiful! :O I really love it! ^ ^ Sad, she will leave for KL because holiday mmu finally come..My best friend and i late back to MMU by train ERL >_< I can rest in my home :P But, I still work as designer in my mum's office but lazy ..lazy..haha:P

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