Wesak Day- Peaceful

23 May is Wesak Day~^_^ , we bought my grandma to the new buddhist monastery that was located somewhere in Kuala Langaton last Saturday. It's newly bulid Fuo Guang Shan (the Light of Buddha) Zen Dong, the place is huge with a main hall, beautiful parks, and even an art and culture exhibition centre. When I enter into the entrance of beautiful park, there are many little stone monks figures with different posture, they are very cute!! They have those little monks with the 12 chinese zodiac stone figures (like japanese little stone monks in Japan) , it really is something that you won't get to see in a normal temple. Everything there is beautifully done and the lanscape decorated by orchids~~ They have beautiful orchid flowers along the pathway..a lot!! My eldest sis very loved the orchid flowers~ hehe.. You better visit there because u won't get to see a large petal purple and white orchids common around here..:P This place is really beautiful~~ and peaceful :)


My dad, Mellisa and I watched the FA Cup Final on last Sunday...My dad is also the soccer of fan..:P He always watch soccer TV ASTRO ESPN on every night cuz dad very loved it..:D But, Mellisa and I were not huge of soccer fan.. Mellisa just want watch 'Final Cup' for fun too..But I also like support ManUtd only :P because we want know the results..haha..So tonite, we were watching more than 120 minutes of soccer. >_< style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">A BIT CHANGE PLAN OF VISIT THAILAND :D

My mum told us suddnelly after discussed with the company of tour agency..that we will visit Bangkok, Thailand and stay hotel in 7 days 6 nights. Mum already make deposit for 6 peoples- 5 days 4 nights but suddenlly, my grandma very worried about her healty . We worried that she will be weak after we visited Thailand so we will feel something is wrong with our grandma's healty if we go visit there..Finally, grandma refuse go visit..:( sad.. No cousins and friends want take my grandma's place..That's why mum changed a bit about our deposit for 5 peoples.:) This si really good for visit more places in Thailand..^_^ :D

Aahh..It is very late now!!it's almost 1am in the morning..:P I should sleeping now..^ ^ Enjoy sleep~ hehe :D

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