Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Movie Review: John Wick Chapter 2

In summary story, there is a legendary hitman John Wick is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins' guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world's deadliest killers... How John Wick do to avoid his master who wish to kill him in order to cover his secret and everything... Or he force to kill an important person who want to control the assassin' guild in a city?

I amazed with the Continental (the hotels where assassins are forbidden from spilling blood) and he has access to get the weapons, clothes which have anti-bullets, resources, and..anywhere he can get what he wants so easy only since he worked as hitman!  I love his dog is very cute and loyal to him so very much! He keep to acompany and always wait for him on long time... I wish my Miu Miu accompany me to walk out...

Suddnelly, an assassin who is a lady who appeared after he success to do his mission...I surisped when she said, "Just One..." in her sign language after John Wick asked her, "Again..?" It make me to think this assassin who is Deaf?! She is working as hitman, just like him? All assassins are very emotionless and must kill their enemies, no matter the bullets goes in their body or cut their skins! I shocked that he keep to shoot on every head of bodyguards in the bloody war since he have to force to kill so very violent in order to save himself and for his revenge....at lastly, John Wick used a pencil to kill his assassins with his own way!  

John Wick is very genius hitman in the assassin guild, and always prepare his planning so early before he ready to kill. He will do revenge if you kill his dog or take things from him! He dare to murder you if you make him not happy! Ahh! I think his late wife changed him to be nice after he retires. I missed Chapter One.

Our world get the hitman guild get exist, just like this? No way... No easy to train assassin to become professional and must not do the mistake so always. They must NEVER judge the human no matter who are good or evil! I felt that they more like the soliders who follow the orders from their gulid only! Their rewards are very huge big, but it also have a very high risk for them to be killed by an assassin or their own guild... That is why an international guild never let the assassins retired so easy.



Jane Chua said...

The movie looks interesting and challenging. Will watch it with my hubby.

Joan Narciso said...

I have yet to see this in the big screen. Your review is an added nudge to go see this soon. Thanks!

Jessica Yong said...

Haven't watched this yet. With such high review from you I can't wait to watch this soon.

GengQian said...

new added must seen in the my movie list! thanks for the recommendation!

Christy said...

I heard this movie is really good! Thanks for the recommendation!

Selina Ooi said...

Yeah, my friends talked about this movie, so I tried to watch it...Great!

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