Tuesday, November 10, 2015

HappyFresh Delivery, Grocery Shopping Online [App & Web Review]

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Nowsday, many parent also busy to fetch their kids after work, but they have to be struck in the jam when they go to buy the groceries at the supermarket, it is difficult life for you, right? Then, HappyFresh help to pick what your family needed for their lives! HappyFresh have 3 countries; Malaysia, Indonesia and Philipines, so they still spread it to the Southern Asia. Their delivery will be ready in one hour, then, they ensure your order is delivered on your time which you choose any time slot which u like, cool! Their delivery time from 10am to 10pm only. And their service of payment let you can pay cash or credit card.

You will have a FREE delivery when you order more than RM100 when you order your groceries at the HappyFresh website. If your order's price below RM100, it will cost RM5. I think that you better to download the HappyFresh app from Google Play and iOS AppleStore with your smartphone because you will get your life easier when you are at outside, and just tap one on HappyFresh app only!

I will explain about my HappyFresh app later. I need to explore HappyFresh on my desktop web first, if it is very friendly or not. I feel that this interface web is very simple and easy to use, but the loading the item sometimes take time to make the list of items be appear when you scroll down with your mouse.

Step 1 - you need to search your place, then you can choose which are your city and area that you live...I noticed that there are few places are available in the Klang Valley only. Then, you can choose which are supermarket you like to shopping...

Step 2 - You can choose my items. I can see many categories make us easy to see so well. You try browse through the shops and add item into your cart. If you don't found what item are you looking, you try to type what item you want in the search web.

Step 3 - You register your delivery addess. And you need to add your number no.hp to be verity to confirm your account. After this, you can choose delivery time; date, and time. I happy to choose timeslot so it is better! I won't worry because I no need to count how many minutes or hour they will reach my home. They sure come at that delivery time, as they never be late.

Step 4 - Once you confirm it, you can choose which are payment; cash or credit card. I prefer cash on delivery because I lazy to add my credit card. Then click on "Continue" already.

Step 5 - when your order success, you can try to share your link to earn RM30 per friend who join you. Encourage your friend to experience HappyFresh on their first time!

Cool, you can see how the order progress are going to be complete in your account so easily. And you can check your items' list so correctly.

Lastly, you wait for your groceries to arrive at your doorstep. Until your personal shopper will arrive at your doorstep with green bags with a cute logo. You can pay cash to your shopper (if you choose payment via cash) and sign on his device. First time, I signed it on his tablet device when he smiled at me after I checked on my things so he got all I want! Great. Then ,you will receive an e-receipt via email. It is easy only!

I surisped that my HappyFresh app on my smartphone can be connected to my account at the HappyFresh website. It also can monitor your progess of delivery status too. It is similar as what I use on the HappyFresh website.

With HappyFresh app, I give a best rating as I feel happy when I received my items which are good in the condition! The HappyFresh shoppers always take care of the custromers' things so well when they are go on the delivery way to your home.

Come to download HappyFresh app in your smartphone, remember to add my promo code: wUWXz to get FREE DELIVERY for 1 month for your first shopping!

Please visit HappyFresh Website: https://happyfresh.com for more informatio. Follow the updates on their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyFreshMY


  1. haven't try purchasing stuff via Happy Fresh. Thanks for the info

  2. always see this Happy Fresh , this is the best sharing for me to know more about the. will give a try .

  3. Its so easy to shop online nowadays. I had tried their services and really recommended.

  4. With the internet, we can do anything. Heard a lot of good reviews for this brand. Definitely a savior to all moms that are busy to run to the store.

  5. Shopping has never been so easy. havent manage to try them out for myself before, maybe i should give them a go

  6. I know this one! My ex manager now with this company, I tried once, not bad!

  7. Oh I was invited to review this too, but too bad it didn't materialize in the end. The delivery service looks not bad.

  8. I have long heard bout them but havent reàlly try it out myself before. Maybe i should convince my mom to buy fresh stuff thefe too

  9. good to know nowadays you can just sit back, relax and use the internet to buy whatever you want and it will be send over to your home....

  10. Everything is on your fingertips nowadays.
    Hopefully we will not get lazier after this.

  11. This really save my time and not jam in the shopping center. Happy Fresh delivery to my doorstep . Thanks for sharing

  12. This is good service. Especially for working mummy like me.


  13. Online groceries is so convenient and I don't have to carry all those heavy stuff from the supermarket to our home.

  14. another online shopping experience to make our live easier.. great! thanks for sharing

  15. They are good, been using their service for few times already, very convenient :)

  16. use HAPPYFRESH invite code ‘ ypi85 ‘ to get RM20 discount off purchases Rm50 and above plus FOC delivery for 1 mth .. :)) YEAH !!


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