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0 PlayStation 3 in Malaysia

Do you know the price of PlayStation 3 already go down in Malaysia? I check out on the info website, "PlayStation 3 Asia", and it's correct about the new pricing will be effective starting August 22, 2011 for Malaysia. If you interested to buy new PS3, you can buy cheap prices below;

The updated price of PlayStation 3 in Malaysia:
160 GB - RM 1,029
320GB - RM 1,079

We are happy when the prices already go down, but the original games PS3 still be expensive at the games shops. But, it let you can access the internet so, you can enjoy to play the multiplayer games online or download the trial games from PlayStation 3's store website before you buy new. You can check their store at http://asia.playstation.com/my/en/psn/ps3Store

You also can watch movies at TV with used the PlayStation 3 because you can download the movie from the internet. You can put some photos in PlayStation 3 too if you like.

If you have VAIO notebook brand Sony or PSP, it can connect to PlayStation 3 too! I never tried one because I don't have PlayStation 3. Haha. I still use old red PlayStation 2 only. When I went to the shopping malls, I saw the games shop are selling the black PlayStation 2 with price around RM 400 only because the PlayStation 3's price go drop, then the PlayStation 2 goes down too.

After this, I heard the news about the latest PlayStation 3 will have special colours! Sony was announcing "Scarlet Red" and "Splash Blue" 320 GB PS3s will be selling out in Japan on next November 2011. I think that this price around RM 1,200 because this is very special.

I am not sure about Malaysia will get it or not. Maybe it will be late in the end of Nov or December 2011. You want blue or red? Then wait for it! :D

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