Monday, February 25, 2008

New logo : Selina's Wing

Since I am doing my new banner, Ezequiel give me a suggestion about new logo... It is better if my blog has a logo because it can used as copyright 'logo'.. so I am not good at design the logos.. I asked him to help me to design logos..He do many logos than me! :P

He finished to design 6 logos then show me..Wow! Nice design of logos.. See below;

Hehe.. He loves this wing.. :P He got new idea for make this creative logo! Thanks to him! ^ ^


  1. Do you or/and Tze Yean have online portfolio? I am looking for some freelancers to work with. Thanks

  2. Please click my portfolio coroflot on my left side..

  3. if you are interested to work with me, please email me; :)


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