The First Omen (2024) Review @ Golden Screen Cinemas Malaysia (GSC) , 1 Utama

When I watched the "First Omen" movie in GSC, I recall that "The Omen" movie was launched in 2006! I picked this from the ASTRO TV at home. I thought this movie was about a naughty boy who played the villain and tried to do something he should not do. Oh my... this boy has the satanic power after he was born to this world! How did he get it? You better catch this latest movie, "The First Omen" first before continuing this "The Omen" old movie! 

You can only imagine what will happen when you put your faith in God and discover the truth about what really happened with the mystery girl since you are becoming a nun in Rome, This is the religious terror, in my opinion, lah. A young American girl named Margareta has been examining the case ever since she was told certain stories by someone. You'll discover the meaning behind the names "Omen" and "666"! My friend hated horror lah, but she felt this movie was okay, so she was not scared of anything. haha. 

When my friends and I walked along the exit to the parking lot, we were shocked to discover every drawing! See the photos below; 

My score is 7/10
(It's not that scary. If you enjoy seeing this kind of movie, you can watch this)

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