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The Sloth Blanket company offers its blankets as a cure-all for anxiety, stress, sleep issues, insomnia symptoms, and depression. The Sloth Blanket gets improved with the cooling bamboo fabric. It's the trend of bedding in sleep science when I do research about the weighted blanket. As a creative designer, I always sleep late when focused on my graphics. However, my stress makes it challenging for me to fall asleep since I am always busy with many projects on a tight deadlines. That's why they recommended me to experience the Sloth blanket, the best-weighted blanket. 

When I first received the package from the Sloth Blanket, I noticed that it was quite thick. This is my first opportunity to try out the Sloth Blanket since I believe that using a weighted blanket will help me relax and sleep better.

My Experience with the Sloth Blanket.

I can tell this sloth blanket is heavy because it fits my 60kg weight when I used it on my first day. And I'm shocked that it's creating heat inside my body when the sloth blanket is wrapped around me. I used to enjoy soft comforter fluffy blankets because of the nice fabric inside, but they didn't keep me cool or warm before this Sloth blanket does.

When I use the Sloth, weighted blanket in my room with the air conditioner on, I get a lot of sleep. Then I get up early in the morning and have plenty of energy! My cats, who serve as my alarm clock, come to wake me up every morning when I'm deeper in my sleep snoring. Ha Ha.

This weighted blanket helps me fall asleep quickly and clears my thoughts of my troubles. I still like falling asleep under its comforting weight after a month. When my feet grow cold, I always hide my legs behind the Sloth blanket. It feels better when my foot is warm. The Sloth blanket's touch bamboo fabric and glass beads make it ideal for people who want to feel warm during the rainy season or when the air conditioner is turned on.

It stimulates the feeling of being hugged when I applied the heavy pressure on my body. When I am not conscious that I am sleeping, I keep removing my comforter blanket like this example below;

What are the benefits of using a Sloth blanket?

  • Improves Mood of Happiness
  • Reduces anxiety and restlessness
  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Relieve symptoms of depression
  • Increases Feelings of Security, especially you felt hugged under the heavy blanket

If you like the warmth of a hug or the heat of a blanket, you might want to try sleeping beneath a heavier blanket that is tailored to your body weight with the Sloth blanket. It will help you feel at ease and you will not have to move around much.

My senior cat will always leap and sit on the Sloth Blanket when I make my bed. I'm guessing she enjoys this blanket because it's made of a very soft material. The Sloth brand has a pretty adorable icon. What is the symbolism of the sloth animal? Although sloths are slow, they are surprisingly good swimmers. They are able to sleep for approximately 15 hours per day. That's why Sloth is paired with a weighted blanket, which allows you to feel the deep pressure of a heavy blanket wrapped around your body. This is assisting in the relief of stress and anxiety insomniacs.

My Shiro kitten falls asleep so fast when she just sits down on Sloth Blanket!
It is really powerful to beat Shiro who is very active and refuses to sleep in the afternoon. Ha Ha. 

However, when I used a Sloth blanket during hot weather, I felt really hot. As a result, that is not suited for the children, who prefer the cold or adults who hate sweating when they are sleeping. It took me some time to get used to the Sloth Blanket as well. Because I was not used to sleeping with a heavy blanket. There are several pros and cons to weighted blankets that I experienced below.


  • They provide several benefits to your physical and mental health, including soothing anxiety and reducing heart rate. 
  • The deep pressure stimulation provided increases with the release of dopamine and serotonin, creating a calming effect. 
  • They can help you sleep better when the cold weather or when the air cond switched on only. 
  • They cover your feet to feel warm and avoid getting cold.
  • They reduce movement


  • They’re heavy, so I cannot bring them when I planned to travel. 
  • They made me feel very hot when hot weather.
  • They require extra care when cleaning. 
  • They make me tired a bit when I have to fold the weighted blanket.
  • They’re more expensive than a regular comforter. 
  • They can sometimes get too hot if you are hot of a sleeper.
  • They take some time to get used to and may feel uncomfortable at first time.

For busy people who have difficulties sleeping, I recommend Sloth Blanket which makes you feel happy and calm. But, I have to remind you of this warning you will get deeper sleep when you use it! 

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And you can check out the customers' reviews if you are curious. For the 30 Nights Trial, they can provide you with a weighted blanket to try.

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