Mikaa Cafe | Best Dessert Cafe At Taman OUG KL

Mikaa Cafe is a new cafe that has just been open for about 2 months. This cafe is located between Bukit Jalil and Old Klang Road in an old neighborhood. Before we discovered that we were in the wrong place, my mother and I noticed that Mikaa Cafe was upstairs! 

I believe they wish to turn everything into a friendly neighborhood cafe that delivers a relaxing and stress-free environment. Because everything is simple with wood tables and chairs, the cafe's interior design is attractive. 

Every element of this cafe is pretty, and it's a fantastic location to just relax and unwind for hours. I saw some young people come to capture beautiful Instagram photos. 

They keep things simple by using all-white walls with wood-element to create a warm atmosphere that allows customers to focus on their coffee and dessert.

You can refill water on your own and take only what you require. When you and your companions are ready to sit, they will deliver a menu to you, and you can order at the counter.

Don't worry since you're not a dessert lover. They offer banana loaf and croissants, as well as chicken mushroom pie, ready for you to enjoy!

Yam Mochi (Mini cake) - RM15 👍👍👍💓
Highly remmocended! 💥

Yam Mochi is the best-selling mini cake at Mikaa Cafe. When I bite into this mini cake with a sweet purple yam and creamy vanilla-like flavor, I'm blown away! I discovered that the mochi within this little cake is soft! The mochi, as you would know, is a traditional Japanese rice cake with a sticky consistency. 

Salted Almond - RM18 💘

It's not very sweet, so it's wonderful to taste this salted almond; my mother likes to chew the almonds rough, which goes well with the soft cake topped with a creamy yellow flavor.

Tiramisu Basque Cheesecake - RM15 👍👍👍💕

Tiramisu is my favorite cake that I used to eat many times. That is why I ordered this piece of cake. In my mouth, I felt that this smooth tiramisu basque cheesecake with an almost melting! It's rich and familiarly creamy cheese.

If you need a place to relax or focus on your laptop, Mikaa Cafe is best spot for you to enjoy a coffee with dessert in a calm environment! 

"Time is everything we have and don't" - best inspiration quote  

I believe that our time is precious and that spending it in ways that we enjoy is not really a waste of time! 😊

Depending on the type of cake that is available or not on certain days, you should check their Facebook page, Mikaa Cafe because they regularly make new cakes to promote or sold out of their best-selling cakes.

How about online delivery?
If you place an order today, before 4pm and have meals delivered tomorrow!
Or you can pick your own date.

You just Whatsapp to order 
WhatsApp: 017-6084886

*Delivery is available in KL & Selangor only.

For pick up, you can also meet up at Mikaa Cafe.

Mikaa Cafe
9am - 5pm (Closed every Thursdays)
2A, Jalan Hujan Emas 4, 
Taman Overseas Union, 
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Check out on the menu via the official website:

Strawberry Mille Feuille - RM14 💗 

Oh wait... I recommended that you try the Mille Feuille with a large number of strawberries! It's a unique pastry that caters to both sweet and savory tastes! You can take this delicious dessert home with you to enjoy with your family!

Helen Keller - first Deaf and Blind author, disability rights advocate that is my favourite inspiration person in my life! Just enjoy your life! 

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