'Shout it Out,' an Inspiring Short Film Based on a True Story About a Deaf Karate Lady Participating in a Championship

I enjoyed the Deaf karate students' performance on the stage. That's why my mom and I took a photo with Deaf students and their coach!

About the life of Siti (played by Nurizyan Binti Hishammuddin), a young, petite Malay girl who started her journey towards becoming a national Karate athlete. Under the guidance of coach (played by Seelan Manoheran) and his faith in her abilities, Siti endured through her training and life struggles, pressing on to reach her dreams of competing for Malaysia.

You know, the 9 minutes 30 seconds film was shot with the vivo X70 Pro, the professional photography flagship smartphone with advanced mobile imaging technology co-engineered with ZEISS. If you love to make your own story video, you better buy the latest smartphone, the vivo X70 Pro at around RM3,600. 

Inspired by a true story, ‘Shout it Out’ follows the story of Siti, a deaf Malaysian since young who, against all odds, fights her way to master Karate and represent Malaysia in a Deaf International Karate tournament. Set in scenes where she constantly faces various challenges and rejections, being laughed at by the 'normal' students. 

This makes me emotional and remembers that students also laughed at Deaf students so it is painful for the Deaf community. Mostly, many people do not understand and look down on disabled people. That is why she never give up and keep her strong determination coupled with her teacher’s unwavering guidance to get her on the world stage as a national athlete.

The BIM interpreter used sign language for the Deaf students

Deaf students do the performance at the stage. Good job!

When I learned from my mother that vivo Malaysia had made a short film called "Shout it Out" about a Deaf Malaysian girl's determination to become a national athlete, I was excited. I'm interested in learning more about Siti, Deaf... I discovered that she is Siti Nor Insyirah Adawiah, who had already achieved the Deaf Karate Championship! However, Siti was played by a hearing actress in the film. Quite a pity! To inspire Deaf people, they should use real Deaf people to act in the short film! As such a Deaf actress in the movie "Eternal." It has disappointed me...

Vivo Malaysia held an exclusive premiere preview of 'Shout it Out' at DADI Cinema, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 19 January 2022. First time I went to watch in the DADI cinema. This place was former GSC Cinema...

(From second left) Arwen Darwisya Binti Amri, Nurizyan Binti Hishamuddin, Seelan Manoheran, Adam Ham, CEO of Global Creative Media Agency, Ong Peng Chu, Founder of Hundred Years Popcorn Production, YBrs. Tuan Zakaria Abdul Hamid, Chairman of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), Mike Xu, CEO of vivo Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Zaienal Abidin Omar, Chairman of Lembaga Penasihat PEKIDA Malaysia, Mallory Lee, Film Director, Mr. Vicnesvaran Varatharajoo, National Karate Coach of Malaysian Deaf Sports Association, Jeremy Lin, Sales Director of vivo Malaysia, Alex Tan, Senior Brand Manager of vivo Malaysia and Raymond Ng, Brand Manager of vivo Malaysia at the launch of the short film ‘Shout it Out’

It's encouraging to see that this short film has motivated Malaysians... However, we sincerely hope that any director will cast a "genuine" disability and a Deaf person in the film or short... By 2022, the film industry will be able to employ Deaf and disabled actors, actresses and models.

To support them, can check out the details, email Vicnesvaran at And the cheques and transfers online can be made out to Persatuan Sukan Orang Pekak Malaysia and deposited into the association’s CIMB account 8000852319.

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