LaLaport BBCC Launches the First Ever Southeast Asia Outlet in Kuala Lumpur


LaLaport, a Japanese mall chain, will open on 20 January 2022, Thursday, in Bukit Bintang City Centre, KL, Malaysia. There are over 10 first-ever famous outlets with 400 stores includes Japanese brands from Japan and the global too. 

Mr. Kohei Kawashima, Managing Director of Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Bukit Bintang City

You can take this stair to the Central Rooftop Garden, Rooftop of the shopping mall.

Enter this mall via the Gate Plaza Entrance

From the Gate Plaza Entrance, you will view this beautiful interior!

If you want to take a good Instagram photo, go to WOW Plaza, located at GF since there is a unique event space at the big centre of Gourmet Street, an attraction next to the main entrance that includes various types of illumination in connection with seasonal events - "Grand Steps." From the WOW Plaza, many visitors can get direct access to Hang Tuah Station on the LRT and KL Monorail lines via  Gourmet Street. That's why makes it even easier to get into LaLaport BBCC.

"W" Plaza is very perfect on Instagram when you take this shot!
Don't forget to look for it when you're in LaLaport! 

You will walk via Gourmet Street and can dine outside the restaurants along this street!

Visitors can also have an enjoyable and relaxing experience in LaLaport BBCC as the mall provides many event spaces such as its “Central Rooftop Garden” with a large site of approximately 1,700sqm that is surrounded by greenery and trees. 

This is Central Rooftop Garden. You can view the KL tower and tall buildings!

WOW!! With this viewpoint, you can shoot a beautiful shot in the morning or at night!

LaLaport BBCC is also offering food experiences that have never before been seen in shopping malls such as a first-ever or flagship store in Malaysia, from a previously Michelin-listed store to new concept dining by famous chefs – unique offerings include Shin’Labo, Marta’s Kitchen, Buena Brasa Gastropub, DONQ/Mini One, Matcha Eight, Yakiniku Sizzle by Yakiniquest and countless others. Visitors will also be able to savour the taste of local restaurants that are household names in Malaysia.

The mall offers a variety of food scenes, including a large F&B floor that houses supermarkets and "Depachika Marche” where plenty of take-away foods are available, as well as a casual food court called “Cafeteria”, meeting the various demands of customers. Meanwhile, the “Gourmet Street” makes for a fresh al-fresco dining experience for shoppers while the large “Garden Dining” food court on Level 4 boasts a 1,400-seating capacity.

The environment of this new shopping mall is aesthetically designed based on “Modern Simplicity” and “Japanese Flavour” design concepts. This shopping mall interior design is rooted in natural elements and provides a distinct experience for shopping, dining, exploring, reflecting, and wandering. This concept combines nature and the sustainable value of the environment to create a comfortable space with natural "wood" inspiration.


Are you a cat person? Yes! I, too, am a cat enthusiast. Coo & Riku Cafe at Lalaport Shopping Mall is Japan's largest cat cafe and pet store, with four different themes where you may interact with over 50 different cats. 

Nitori is a furniture and interior specialty store with over 640 locations in Asia and the United States, the majority of which are in Japan. Nitori offers products that allow customers to freely customise their living spaces and enrich their lives at prices and quality that provide "unexpected value for money," as the value of NITORI's products extends far beyond their costs. Nitori is also known for its wide range of cool bedding under the "N-Cool" brand, and the first NITORI in Southeast Asia will soon arrive in Malaysia.


When I touched the "N-Cool" bed blanket - a cooling coverlet that really is suitable for use in hot weather! - I felt cold! It is designed specifically to improve the overall distribution of cooling across the full surface of your bed. So, Nitori offers the most well-known collection of Cooling Bedding series in Japan!!

Nojima - A digital & home appliance specialty store, dominating the Japan retail market with more than 190 stores. Nojima's key strength is providing expert personal consulting services to meet customers’ needs, along with offering proposals on various services associated with the products. Nojima's first ever store in Malaysia that retails electrical home appliances, electronic items, furniture and furnishings will be opened, in collaboration with its local subsidiary, Courts Malaysia. A wide range of top-quality products with attractive pricing will be on display for purchase. Nojima looks to gain an enlarged customer base with this flagship store in Malaysia. Nojima's key strength is providing expert personal consulting services to meet customers’ needs, along with offering proposals on various services associated with the products. 


Matcha Eight is the result of a collaboration between Michelin-starred Master Chef Takuji Takahashi and a culinary artist. MATCHA EIGHT is Malaysia's first premium Japanese tea ice cream shop, specialising in artisanal and all-natural Japanese tea ice cream prepared using the finest single-origin tea powder imported from Kyoto. 

There are eight flavors made from Matcha and Hojicha. You will feel the taste of strong, medium, or low Matcha when you choose one from the Matcha ice cream! 

My friend, Woan koon and I am taking photo with Miho Kaneko, Managing Director of Matcha Eight. She is a Japanese girl from Japan, that manages this Matcha Eight, LaLaport BBCC!

LaLaport BBCC is a Japanese-originated lifestyle proposal shopping mall that creates interaction, livelihood, and relaxation through its core mix of commercial facilities, offices, residentials, hotels, and other facilities. So, they bring new culture and Japanese trends to Malaysia. This brings Japan closer to home here in Malaysia.

The LaLaport's staff lounge is existed for the staffs to rest and eat lunch or dinner only. 

LaLaport BBCC will be leading the development of the entire project as the central hub that promotes people-to-people exchanges, improves livelihoods, and offers relaxation to the public. As a lifestyle-focused shopping mall originating from Japan, LaLaport BBCC aims to boost consumer confidence with its design that creates a new customer experience and incorporates Malaysia’s culture and trends while retaining a distinctive Japanese DNA.

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