My Review: Beauty Face Mask From Mediheal

Have you heard of MEDIHEAL, South Korean's beauty products? K-Beauty has grown in popularity around the world, especially in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the United States, and focuses on health, hydration, and brightening results. Many fans of Kpop and Kdrama still brought the Korean make-up as well.

Mediheal Mask Ampoulex

Here, I am going to introduce to you, 4 type of Mediheal, the best masks for K-beauty.  Mediheal sheet masks from MEDIHEAL are both affordable and effective, leaving your skin glowing and hydrated. Why MEDIHEAL is the best? As you know, MEDIHEAL do help to hydrate dry skin by sealing in natural moisture for long-term hydration. It's so famous, in fact, that Mediheal developed a facial skincare line based on it! 

The E.G.T Timetox Mask Ampoulex is a firming ampoulex. This sheet mask is ideal for someone who suffers from wrinkled skin on their face. It's a hydrating face mask that often visibly smooths, plumps, and contours the skin to hide fine lines and wrinkles so your skin look revitalized! 

The I.P.I Lightmax Mask Ampoulex is good for brightening. This sheek mask support to even out skin tone and give skin a brighter, healthier appearance The ultrafine woven mask content conforms to the contours of the face, ensuring even distribution of the vitamin-infused essence for optimum performance. It may also be used to increase skin hydration.

N.M.F Aquaring Mask Ampoulex is intended to alleviate dry skin by using the natural moisturising element. Instantly hydrates the skin and controls sebum to reduce pore size. Hyaluronic acid and ceramide are also used in this mask, which help to seal in moisture and keep the skin from drying out. 

The W.H.P Black Mask Ampoulex is excellent for brightening and moisturising the skin With an immediate flush of hydration, this complexion-perfecting charcoal face mask clearly wakes up dry, tired-looking eyes.

Okay, my mother decided to try the E.G.T Timetox Mask Ampoulex because she wants to look younger! Since she is ageing, she has always taken care of her beauty skin. So, she ended up becoming my model for my blog here...hehe.

How to use the MEDIHEAL Ampoulex Mask?

There are 2 steps of sheet mask that gives you double moisturizing. Why 2 steps? Our skin is like paper, when it is wet, it tends to absorb more and spread out wider and faster compare to dry paper. After putting on the sheet mask to hydrate and clear the skin, then use the Ceramide Pure ampoule to maximize the effectiveness and absorptivity.

After cleansing and toning, apply
1st step with sheet mask. I noticed that 'Mediheal logo' around a mask when I open this sheet mask. Then, pull upward to ensure a tight fit on the face, adjusting to fit around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Relax for 10-25 minutes, then remove mask. Lightly pat in remaining essence until fully absorbed.

Open the ampoule in 2nd step, and apply, gently massaging the ceramide pure ampoule into the skin. Done!

This ultra-hydrating face mask isn't going to let dry skin win! It feels great when your skin looks revitalized!

MEDIHEAL Ampoulex Masks are also available in the Guardian stores or purchase online via the Guardian website at

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About Mediheal

Since MEDIHEAL started in Korea, MEDIHEAL has expanded far and wide across the globe. It now dominates markets in 10 Asian countries, including China, Japan, and Malaysia. The brand has also expanded to the Europe market, including England and Spain, and crossed oceans to hit shelves throughout the US, Australia, Canada, and Brazil.

A Decade of Growth

MEDIHEAL instantly generated buzz for its innovative medical design motif and unique concept as a sheet mask brand. It began to emerge as a forerunner in beauty science in 2010, starting with its registered utility model 2-step sheet mask design. By 2018, MEDIHEAL was awarded the US$100 million export tower prize — and as of today, it’s sold over 1.5 billion sheet masks all over the world.

Mediheal x BTS sheet masks are very hot since the members used Mediheal's mask in their live streams. That is why they success to reach 1.6 billion in sheet mask sales for 2019 year!

Today, Hyun Bin who is South Korea's Actor that become Mediheal Brand Ambasssador! Last year, I used to watch him in "Crash Landing On You", South Korean's drama so he is handsome!

You can watch him in Netflix, then you will realize his face so very fresh and clear!! 


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Good, I tried using at night and found that my skin is smoother the next morning!