My Review: God of War @ PS4

First time, I happy to play new game; God of War with my PS4... This story really make me really feel awesome so very much!  Before I share my review with you, I got to know this game throught my friends. They told me that this old series; God of War started in 2005 with PS2  and the God of War's storyline really are very great! That is why I curious about this God of War so much!

Be honest, I never play "God of War 3" on last time as I knew Kratos really hates the gods because he was betrayed by the gods since he become god of war. When you start to play God of War with PS4, you will learn about more past stories from Kratos. For me, Kratos is Atreus's father now as he married to his second wife again. He tried to be good mentor and protector to Atreus. So, Atreus always respect his own father. Kratos always worried that his son will become like him if he fail to control the rage in the fighting mode while they are out to face a very dangerous world. Kratos don't want his son to kill everyone. When you become GOD, then you think, "You are GOD, you can do anything you like, right?" But, Kratos not agreed with this revenge and power of god. He really hope that Atreus to become better - honest, and kind guy who can help his people in need, than gods, and others.

I can see Kratos's eyes always have a lot of regrets when he become old man. They tried their best to work together when they want to reach the highest of peak mountain. I really love to use "Leviathan Axe" so much than "Blade of Chaos". I am not very familiar to use the blades of chaos technique, but this blades can kill the monsters in faster when you always throw the blades on everytime. I have to control the blades in the air when I want to focus on the enemies, so I do not like this technique. Then, I used the "Leviathan Axe" on everytime when I want to fight with the enemies, it is easy for me to remember the step by step only. This axe can make a very heavy damage when you are near them. If you are far from the flying enemies, you can throw an axe at them so easier, or you can call an axe back to your side, especially it back to kill them too when you call out. Easy!

Wow, I can control Atreus's help to shoot the Troll or flying monsters with his bow so it is very great!  He always come to aid me when I attacked by them so suddenly! He also alerted on me on every time when they tried to kill my back! I really like this battle mode between a father and son! It is very excited when I tried to kill different kind of monsters like giant, dragon, zombie, and many...! This is really interesting when you face every boss during their journey or their mission! 

Kratos use his rage when his hp become lower, but it really make me felt be very powerful, so AMAZING! I also enjoyed to make the craft their weapons and skills through the blacksmith shops. I can see all skills really are very awesome, and unique - I never see them before. Atreus can summon the wolves or any animals to kill the enemies too! WOW!  When I fight the Valkyries, many people admitted that the Queen of Valkyrie is very hard to beat.... I tried on many times...more than 5 times when I always want to beat her. She is very strongest of queen! I become familiar with her action, until I success to get know about her weakness when I always fight with her on few times. Don't give up!

Every time, Kratos always tell his son, "Don’t be sorry. Be better human" mean "you still have much to learn". Kratos always advice his wisdom advice for his son since he was experienced to become a veteran soldier of Spartan until he become lastly, everyone recognized him become God of War when he is very brave to fight with the gods since he felt no fear! He believes in his own judgement between good and evil. 

You better play this game, God of War with PS4! You sure never bored when you explore their magical world! Check out on the official website of God of War

My PS4 Score for GOD OF WAR (2018): 5/5 stars. 

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