5 Online Grocery Stores - You Can Shop Online During Movement Control Order (MOC) Malaysia

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Shoping online for your groceries can be good way for you to avoid the crowed people who are around in the hypermarket, mini market and shops. So, you feel better and safe always than getting the infection of Covid-19.  But, we have to be patient about the grocery delivey service take some time because they always have out-of-stock on everytime, and many shoppers prefer to get the cheapest prices from the online stores.

1. Lazada Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia helped the farmers from Cameron Highlands so now, we can buy the fresh vegetables from them. Not them only, they also open for all mini markets, and fresh grocery's sellers in Malaysia. My mom experienced to bought the fresh vegetables at 10pm, then it take a day to reach my house already! Very good. All vegetables always be fresh when we received from them!

My star rating is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Official website: https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/grocery-store/

2. Tesco

Tesco is very good to help the customers who like to buy the wide variety of choices from fresh food to the household items. Shop online from 8am - 10 pm daily. Then, it take 2 hours when delivery  to the doorstep. These are available from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week. They accept the payment online; credit & debit card only, no more cash on delivery already. Sometimes, they do the delay of delivery, due the stock out always.

My star rating is 🌟🌟🌟

Official website: https://www.tesco.com.my/

3. Jaya Grocer

Sometimes, my mom and I went to the Jaya Grocer before because they have everything from local and international countries! Nowadays, Jaya Grocer always re-stock all things and give first delivery as FREE, but depends on the Jaya Grocer store, which is near your house area, so they can do delivery to your doorstep! Now, they make the delivery service become offline, due the MCO. Sad! Good news for the elderly to visit the Jaya Grocer during their special time at 9am, before all customers at 9.30am!

My star rating is 🌟🌟

Official website: https://www.jayagrocer.com/

4. HappyFresh

Last time, I always use this HappyFresh website because I used the online vouchers from HappyFresh. It help the person who need a job as the trained shopper, that can do the grocery for you and your family! Today, HappyFresh changed their new strategics and work as the partnership with the best choices of hypermarket by the most customers who used to shopping daily. They will deliver to your doorstep in next 1 or 2 hours, depends if your home area is near!

My star rating is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Official website: https://www.happyfresh.my/

5. Redtick

FREE Delivery when you spend min RM150 only. And you can make the delivery time to reach your home, no worries! Make sure you make the order before 1pm, then next day, they will make delivery to your home. Redtick' delivery are available in Klang Valley only.

My star rating is 🌟🌟🌟

Official website: https://shop.redtick.com/

My mom worried about many people went to the hypermarket like Giant, and Tesco, so she not dare to close with the shoppers. Normally, the person who not aware that he/she infected by the covid-19 and may pass to others while they are going there. That is why my family and I used this shopping online to get what we want so this is easy, right?

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Ya, in this lockdown, it's safer to buy online. Thanks for the information.

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