3 Best Korean Dramas You Should Watch During Movement Control Order (MCO) 2020

Today, my friends also call Korean dramas is known as K-dramas so very popular. Deaf friends are very happy to watch the English subtitles on the K-dramas when they enjoyed the Korean dramas. Why K-dramas is popular? Because they are addictive and amazing actions, especially the comedy and romantic genre. I am interested in my favorite genre; mystery, comedy, and supernatural. I surprised that they also included in the dramas and movies too. You should watch my high recommended Korean dramas, so I listed the name of K-dramas below;

 1. Graceful family

Graceful family received a lot of good reviews and comments as still rise in the viewership ratings as it has a strong influences from the viewers who are very curious about the mystery of relationship family, but they also gave the best advice and lessons of life too!

Synopsis: Graceful Family is a 16-episode kdrama about a rich family who is managed by their strong arm security company whose duties include cleaning/covering up bad behavior, to keep the business running scandal free and profits growing. When the daughter returns after a 15 year exile to America, the family dynamics escalate. Why? She wants to find out who killed her mother, and her family could be prime suspects. She crosses path with a lawyer when the security company tries eject her, and he helps. Little do they know their lives are already intertwined. Will she find her mother’s killer? Will the security company oust her? Will she and the lawyer develop a friendship? Something more?

Top picture: They are prime suspects of Mo Seok-hee's family.
And 3 pictures; Mo Seok-hee, Heo Yoon-do and Han Je-gook; main characters who always competitive each other during they are investigating the murder of Mo Seok hee's mother.

For me, Graceful family is very interesting to watch their investigation on the murder of family. I get to know about how TOP lawyers also do the dirty jobs! Same as our reality here, like lawyers have to protect the evil person....There are few scenes like the revenge, always competitive with your own sibling, brilliant plans, a powerful lady was very strong and have a very cold emotion and many...

"A person's choices defines that person's life. It means that to live is to endlessly make choices. And you need to take responsibility for your choices" - Han Je-gook

Han Je-gook who is very strong-headed, and never afraid of anyone....Sometimes, she is very cold, and don't care about the people's value and opinions. But, she believe that the choices defines that person's life. If you make your weak choices, you become weak person so you have to take responsibility for your future of yourself or family! I do not understand about why she give everything of her life to protect the TOP group than a family who owned TOP group? Maybe she protected her employees since she was good boss/leader? They said she is very mysterious lady who stayed in her rented house! 

Mo Seok hee is very brave and strong lady in Mo's family. She not scared of everyone in her family! She is very good at talking when she not let anybody who bully her! She always give a good speech and advice to change her family member's mind & opinions!

My rating: 👍👍👍👍👍

2. Meow. A Secret of A boy

I wondered about how to make a cat turn into a human??? I also have my pet cat at my home. Haha. Sol Ah who hated the cats so very much, but she changed because her cat, Hong Jo. Funny about the supporting characters; Go Doo Shik and Eun Ji Eun...They are very awkward so each other when they are expressing their love, but I also pity Ji Eun, especially at her workplace...everyone gossiped about her. She is really nice person!

Synopsis: “Meow the Secret Boy” is about an aspiring webtoon artist named Kim Sol Ah who has a love-hate relationship with cats and a cat named Hong Jo who can secretly turn into a human. Will Hong Jo manage to keep his identity a secret? 

Every time, I watch this white cat, Hong Jo...make me felt very cute and attracted to this cat! Haha. It make me recall about my pet cat always. But he is very handsome after he changed to be a human! Ahh! Will Hong Jo and Sol Ah be together for forever or not? For me, Hong Jo sure will leave her since he aware with her situation around his life. Maybe he will come back to her, because a cat can choose who as he/she likes, right?

My rating: 👍👍👍👍

3. Detective K Series

I always watch the Detective K series on many times. It really make me very laugh so much. This series always put more comedy scenes so funny! Sometimes, Detective K is poor, then he get be rich after he was solving his mystery stories on every time. But, he always bought his stuffs too much for his research on the experiment of weapons. Pity his assistant since Detective K always used him!  His assistant also guided him on many times... They really like Sherlock Holmes and Watson!

There are 3 series: Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow, Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island and Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead. You can google them on the free kdrama websites if you interested to watch the mystery, and comedy genre of kdrama!

My rating: 👍👍👍👍👍

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