3 Best Android Games 2020 During Movement Control Order (MOC) Malaysia

Bored at your home? Don't know which is one best android gaming while you checked out on the Google Play? Sure, you will enjoy 3 best android games which I like to recommend you to try out.

1. Postknight

It is very fun game to play! Postknight is single of role-playing game which you MUST try out! I really like their cute design of characters and landscapes. When you start to work as Postknight, you have to protect your letters and things. You have to kill all cute monsters which try to stop you. You can level up your skills and craft the potions as you like.

Keep walk or run until you meet your dream of girl in different of town, and maybe you can make your girl fall love with you! It's interesting story!

Official website:

Download on Google Play and iOS App Store.

2. Hotel Empire Tycoon

Hotel Empire Tycoon is the hotel management game created by CodiGames. It lets you to control of a hotel, where you will have to build rooms for the hotel guests, improve hotel services, add value to each room by purchasing and upgrading what things which the hotel need. It help you to learn how control your money to purchasing the hotel room, or open a bar, and etc. But, you must to remember about the staffs who you hired and have to pay the salary to them. If you buy more rooms, you will have no money to hire the staffs, so they refuse to work for you!

You have to make the guests to become happier too. And it is important for you to check the  electricity supply to support your hotel. Tips: If no enough money, you have to click on a rich guy who bring the quick money to your hotel on every time. It is helpful to save your economy of hotel.

You have to increase the price when you upgrade all items in each room, restaurant and bar. You have to collect 5 stars if you want to unlock other hotel around the world!

Official website:

Download on Google Play and iOS App Store.

3. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Last time, I used to write my previous posts about Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and Ragnarok Online before.  As you know, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is the multiplayer games which I always play on every night. Now, my character already reached at my level 128 since I started on last December 2018. Today, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love upgraded to the Episode 6, that every player to get enjoy their new 3rd job and they like to ride their new pet so very much!

Oh ya, there is new job, Doram cause every player who like to play as CAT!! You will become cute cat who love to explore around Ragnarok world when you download this game! As Doram cat, you will be into the Summoner class, summoning all the food and animals to help adventurers along the journey! Watch the trailer below;

You can social with your friends in this world, and can join any guild which you like, to experience your PVP or guild war. Sure, you will like this cute game! If you not sure about how to start this Ragnarok game, you can google the tips & tricks because there are many gaming players who love to share about how to level up, craft the blueprint, and many...!

Official website:

Download on Google Play and iOS App Store.

When you are playing this android game, this help to reduce your boredom or stress when you struck at home by yourself. Enjoy, ya!

Why I have 3 android games in my smartphone only? Because I spend time to playing my PS4, reading/ writing blogs, or watching movies online when I am free. I have to work at home during every weekdays too. That's why I don't install many games in my smartphone.

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