Indobowl - Indomie Cafe At LakeFields @ Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur

Have you heard about Indobowl, Indomie Cafe in Malaysia? Indobowl, Malaysia's first Indomie is an Indonesian inspired kopitiam restaurant that served the Indomie mee or nasi goreng for the customers who love the Indomie noodles or rice! Indobowl Cafe is located at the LakeFields, Sungai Besi in Kuala Lumpur, so first time I went there with my friend, Woan Koon.  It's pork-free/ halal cafe! Why? Because they don't find where is the Indonesia food around Kuala Lumpur. Then, they got a good idea to set up this cafe so every Malaysian who try the Indonesian street with the affordable prices. They launched first-time "Indobowl" cafe in September 2017! When we entered this cafe, this environment is simple. The wall also have many inspiration words and retro photos, make me want to read them while my friend and I waited for the dishes.

I think the Indobowl's owner is cat lover? Drawing the cats are cute! I like it!

Well, I used to cook the maggi mee when I lazy go out to eat at outside only. I thought that the maggi mee looks like normal only.  Be honest, I don't like to eat the noodles so much. When I visited this cafe, I tried to eat many different type of Indobowl dishes, such as chicken chop, rice, fried mee, and many... Wow, delicious! This noodles cafe make me want to eat again!

Mumbo Jumbo Seafood (RM39.90)

If you plan to meet your friends in a group, I recommended the Mumbo Jumbo Seafood because 2-4 persons can eat it together! I can see two raw eggs are on top on the Indomie mee, with the prawns, squids, fishball, crab sticks and fried tofu. It is a big size of bowl - XL that make you all enjoy to mix and eat this mee so together! Remember, please eat it so slowly, due this is spicy! For me, it looks like the steamboat... 

Nasi Goreng Ayam Madura (RM14)

My favourite of Indobowl is Nasi Goreng Ayam Madura now! I like the fried chicken with special sauce so very much. The fried rice are tasty so delicious. You MUST TRY to eat this when you are free to go there, ya!

Indomie Salted Egg Chicken (RM11.90)
 Thumb up! I like the salted egg chicken. hehe.

Indomie Ayam Balado (RM10)

Indomie Dendeng Balado (RM10)

Nasi Iga (RM18)

If you don't like Indomie, you can choose the white rice or fried rice with a meat and sunny side up, such as with fried egg, grilled chicken chop, or beef/ lamb. MUST try the Indonesia's special sauce is spicy sambal when they served you! There are two special drinks; Soda Gembira or Jumbo ES Cendol. First time, I tried to drink the Soda Gembira...Wow, it is very sweet. For me, it is similar as "DragonFruit" drink. Hehe.

When you and your friends just "lepak" at the Indobowl Cafe, you feel want to eat the dessert, right before you start a conversation with your friend? I recommended you to try my best dessert, Ropang Chocolate!

 Ropang Chocolate (RM5.90)

Ropang Corn Cheese (RM5.90)

Indobowl - Indomie Cafe
72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields, 
Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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