D'Pine Cafe At Rockbund Fishing Chalet @ Marina Island Pangkor in Perak, Malaysia

D'Pine Cafe is becoming a popular restaurant for every romantic couple because they always provided the special setting for exclusive occasion such as weddings, proposals, anniversary or company dinners can be arrangement. You and your loved one can get the chance to indulge in the romance and treasure each other with a special night out! To find more for the info at

To impress your sweetheart? Don't worry, D'Pine Cafe will prepare for the special delicious dishes and decadent chocolate dessert planned for this special evening dedicated to love!

Advised you and your partner to arrive earlier before sunset and get open-air seating table right - the perfect time to enjoy the luxury dinner - "Lovoyage" fine dining! 'Lovoyage is a word blend of love and voyage'.

Surrounded by the beautifully decorated with white flowers and everything is white only! We enjoyed to have a luxury meal in a peaceful bay, under the stars, after we take photos on the sunset view. It's very satisfying gastronomic experience!

The set dinner is about RM98 per pax, but minimum pax is 20. D'Pine Cafe serves local and Western cuisines. As you started to eat below;

 Seafood Abbuzzie
Assorted succulent seafood in italian spiced tomato soup

About the main courses, you can choose your favorite food such as lamb pojarski or baked chicken gemolata or pasta cape sante.

Lamb Pojarski
Polish style crusted lamb served with saute vegetables and savoury baked potatoes

Baked Chicken Gremolata
Tender rolled chicken and ham served with the stuffed vegetables and home styled baked potatoes

Pasta Cape Sante 
Fiery succulent seafood paste in spiced squid ink spaghetti

Lastly, my mom and I really like their special dessert, French Opera Cake so much! It is very delicious!

French Opera Cake
Fluffy layers of espresso flavoured sponge cake topped with alternating layers of dark chocolate ganache and coffee french buttercream

What is the secret recipe about LOVE ? Believe your crush will fall love on you if you create new "love potion♡ ? How? Please read this recipe below;

*11 cups of love *7 cups of loyalty *4 barrel of laughter *2 cups of kindness *2 gallons of communication *2 bowls of understanding *5 pints of friendship *3 spoonful of hope *dash of faith *pinch of forgiveness *dash of thoughtfulness.

Take love and loyalty and mix it thoroughly with faith.
Blend in kindness, communication and understanding.
Add in friendship and hope.
Sprinkle abundantly with laughter.
Garnish with forgiveness.
Decorate with thoughtfulness.
Simmer with sunshine.
Serve daily with generous helping

♡ Nutritional Value
Get the nutritional values; Energy, Positivity, Performance...Then, you be happily ever after! All was fully charged. Whether it’s under the stars or inspired by the sunset view, this intimate experience will be a cherished moment with the one you love. Love is in the Air!

D'Pine Cafe is at Rockbund Fishing Chalet, Marina Island Resort. This romantic dining is suitable for the honeymoon couple in the evening! If you love it, you can call them to make the reservation before you come to this cafe during your holiday!

For more details:
Tel: +6017 5741800

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