Naughty Monster Halloween Party At Naughty Nuri @ Desa Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur

To celebrate the Halloween day on every 31st October, the families also accompany with their lovely children love to play "Trick or Treat!" when they go to your place! Naughty Nuri @ Desa Sri Hartamas launched a very exciting event, "Naughty Monster" to treat the customers with the children to enjoy the Halloween's activities when they dress up as their best costume! Normally, we used to dress up as scary vampire, zombie, clown, mummy, pirates and many, but mostly the children took their favorite superheroes and prince & princess, they are innocent so very cute!

My friend and I checked-in the Naughty Nuri's Desa Sri Hartamas there!

Thanks to the wonderful invitation from Naugthy Nuri, and my friend, Woan Koon! First time, I joined Woan Koon's group to celebrate our "Halloween Spooky Day" to drink and eat more more so happily! I felt relaxed while I enjoyed to crave my delicious Nanu platter and watched the dance performance.

Give me a candy! If not, we will trick you! Haha!

Treat or trick your family & friends to join the Halloween party! Enjoy your night of Spooky Halloween with a great performance and games activities, such as Giant Jenga, Superhero characters & Halloween characters meet up, and Halloween costumes's contest.

You must try a BEST choice's people: Nanu's Platter, RM188 for a group: 4 or 6 persons, it is really good worth! This Nanu's Platter are available on every weekends only; Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can dine in any outlet of Naughty Nuri, near your home area. Please check for more info at

They put a small firework on the Nanu's Platter! Cool

Nanu's Platter also have Crispy Roasted Pork, Pigs In A Blanket, BBQ Iberico Ribs, Vienna Cheese Sausage, Honey BBQ Sausage, BBQ Satay Lilit, Cheezy Truffle Fries, Mini Mix Mesclun Salad, Corn On The Cob, Crispy Fish Fingers, and Golden Calamari Rings. It is very best dining experience for me, my friend, her brother and her cousin! We are very satisfied until our stomach become full! Woww. MUST TRY the Nanu's Platter, ya!👍

My favorites are Naugthy Nuri's BBQ Satay Lilit because it have a strong flavor and good aroma satay! And Crispy Fish Fingers are very tasty when I bite it! So good! I love to eat crispy fish fingers so very much.

Enjoy to watch my friend's youtube below;

We advised you to reserve your seat for your family and friends, because Naughty Nuri's outlets are always full on every night only. Maybe you can try your lunch if you want, check out on the best promotion of Naughty Nuri at
Naughty Nuri’s Desa Sri Hartamas
Address: 2, Ground Floor, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Naughty Nuri's are located in
Desa Sri Hartamas, SS15 Courtyard, Life Centre KL, and Atria, Petaling Jaya.
All outlets are in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur only.

Come to eat the popular Naughty Nuri's Signature BBQ
Pork ribs!
It's best tasty! Delicious~

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