Satay Putera Kajang - Best Halal Satay in Kajang Malaysia

As you know, the Satay is famous in Kajang, Malaysia. You can found any satay restaurant when you want to visit Kajang. So, it is very competitive for Satay Kajang restaurants since it's said to become known for the tourists. First time, I heard about Satay Putera restaurant in Kajang, Malaysia. My friends and I took MRT because MRT can bring us to far place, Kajang from Petaling Jaya! It is easier for you and your family want to try the best satay in Kajang!

I found out about there are two entrance at front or back of Satay Putera Kajang restaurant when we walked along Jalan Mendaling, from MRT Kajang Station. I noticed that their logo of restaurant symbolize three men with three different of race be united each other; Malay, Chinese and Indian, they become "prince" to serve you to try their best satay in town!

We found out that this place also have a open seat at outside, and you will see few mural art on the wall. There are the air-conditioned rooms to be prepared for the customers who prefer to sit in the cool room during hot weather.

According to the history of satay, the hawkers also carry this wooden stall was carried over their shoulder with a wooden bar, when they are moving from place to place on foot. That is why it become common for the villagers. Every villager can sit down on floor or sit on small chairs when they are around this satay stall!

Their interior of restaurant have the heritage of kopitam concept, make you felt like you eat the satay in the comfortable and neat "kampung" place. Their prices are very reasonable and cheap!

You can choose your favorite satay; chicken, beef, mutton, fish, prawn, sotong, and many... If you want to eat more, you also can add a side dish, you can get otak-otak or grilled chicken wings or ketupat. Don't worry, all food are halal. Some Malay chefs also cooked it.

My friends and I ordered the satay chicken and fish. We served with some very fresh, juicy cucumber and peanut sauce in cups. I missed the peanut sauce is known as "satay sauce" very much. Many people really love this sauce! If you want more, you could always ask for more sauces. It is BEST satay which we ate in Satay Putera delicious!

I also like "Otak-otak" dish, but this tasty is okay only. I prefer to eat more satay than this! Next time, we will try the grilled chicken wings when we are free.

Thanks to my best friend's sign language student, who is Chinese owner of Satay Putera Kajang! Satay Putera Kajang is next to MRT Kajang Station only. It just take 5 minutes to reach there when you walk from MRT Kajang Station! No problem for the old folks can walk in short min, enough.

For us, 1 hour of MRT trip is good worth for satay meal! Yes! Few satay restaurants become full when they come to Kajang via MRT train! Check out on the Google maps below;

Satay Putera Kajang
Address: 26 & 27, Jalan Mendaling, Bandar Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Operation Hours:
Sunday till Thursday & Public holiday - 11am till 10pm.
Friday till Saturday - 11am till 11pm

Official website:

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