Movie Review: Kuntilanak 2018 @ TGV Pictures Malaysia

First time, my good friend and I watched the Kuntilanak, Indonesia movie, thanks to TGV Pictures Malaysia who supported the bloggers like us, so we are lucky to be winner of the Kuntilanak contest by TGV Pictures! I never watch the Indonesia movies because I not sure if this movie is good or not. I heard that the Indonesia director re-make new "Kuntilanak" movie, so it could be introduce to the oversea like Malaysia, Singapore and other on this year 2018 after this movie become a big-hit in Indonesia in 2006. I just give a summary story about a group of kids exploring an old house to win a reality show contest, by proving the existence of Kuntilanak. The adventure which they thought would be fun, turned into their worse nightmare when Kuntilanak entered into the human world through a old mirror Mangkoedjiwo....

Scary! I not dare to see this mirror!

We don't know what is Kuntilanak...? Normally, Java's community only knew this legend of horror stories. I get to know that Kuntilanak version for Java in Indonesia. This movie explained about the Kuntilanak spirit always look for the children and want to kidnap them into Kuntilanak's hiding place, through an old fashioned mirror! Kuntilanak is a ugly lady who wear white dress...It is similar as Pontianak version Malay. But for Malay's version, Pontianak: a beautiful woman has a long hair and wear white dress only, that lure people and drink human's blood...well like a vampire.

If me, I won't let a group kids visit an old house! They brave to enter this house....We really hope that the children keep be survive in this movie! I really like them because they are very cute! They have to escape from Kuntilanak. How? Sorry, I cannot give more spoilers to you, ya! Easy to know about the ending if I say this! I recommended that your family can watch this Kuntilanak movie during Hari Raya holidays, so it is not bad!

Chinese community believe in our generation's stories related to the spirits...Sometimes, we can seen the spirits in the mirror at the night! We really never said ghosts always, but we believe in the soul of spirits only. Especially, we advised not to put a big mirror is opposite your bedroom, why? Because this big mirror could make you always get the bad nightmare on every night when you feel stress or depressed, sometimes you cannot sleep well! I think that it is good lesson for the people should not take old mirror which is belonging to a dead person! It can bring unlucky to your family if you did! I give my rating below;

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