Movie Review: A Quiet Place. A family use sign language to be survive!

Awesome idea to make a special movie, A Quiet Place! No one do this horror movie related to the sign language. Every Deaf Malaysian who are curious about how they do in this movie since they dare to face their fear of horror movie! My Deaf friends are very curious about how a Deaf daughter have to be survive with her family? Me too. You know, we really hope that she is alive no matter she face/ fight with a dangerous monster in any situation!!

From start, they lost their precious son in the accident which they never expected that their son get attacked by a terror monster attracted to a sound! You MUST WATCH this "SILENT" supernatural horror movie! It is not easy to control children who like to make sound. You imagined that you are Deaf, you are very cautious and walk so very slowly, make you keep to worry if you make a noise a bit....This movie showed that a family lives together in an underground house because they hide themselves from the monsters, in order to be safe, and won't make noise. They always be in silence so calm down...

Everyday, they use the sign language all time! Like me, my family and I always communicate each other via sign language. But, I surprised that they tried to do everything while they are very careful and keep to watch on their sound of level around their environment on all time! My mom used to say that I don't be aware when I placed the things so loud, or etc! My family are familiar with my sound already since I never speak out in my "voice".

They don't wear shoes to walk because they scared their shoes could break something or branches along the wood...They also put sands to make less noise too. They only eat the healthy of vegetable and fishes. Funny, we always prayed for this family can be survive on their own because we felt that a eldest Deaf girl tried to help her family to learn how to be safe...But, her father worried too much and put his son to be responsibility to make sure everyone have to be survive without their parent. The monsters, it turns out, can hear everything but see nothing. They can hunt you if you make a loud sound! That is why a father tried to make more hearing aids to help a Deaf girl can hear when a monster come after her? You are really curious about what are they doing with the monsters?

We also want to scream, "Aahh"! because we don't want their children become victim again! A hearing aid to save a Deaf girl from a sonic monster?! It's ultimate weapon against monsters or keep safe to avoid from them? We don't know that what will happen to this family! For me, I used to watch the zombie and war of alien movies so it is very familiar because their action are very awesome when they make loud, loud sound! Compared to this "A Quiet Place" movie really be different, and also deliver a good idea story, make us felt be silence so much while we watched this movie...!

Congratulation to Millicent Simmond, who is a Deaf actress who get a good chance to be a star in the Hollywood movies; Wonderstruck and A Quiet Place! Today, she is new icon of Deaf community in the film industry. We, Deafs are very happy and proud with her because she can do it!

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