3M Malaysia Celebrates 50 Years of Science and Innovation At One Utama, Malaysia

As a healthcare professional I immediately knows what is a 3M brands all about. When my sister told me that she has an invitation for 3M Malaysia Exhibition event, I immediately say Yes, I will go for the event!

The opening ceremony started with speech from the Managing Director of 3M Malaysia, Parameswaran Nair; and the signing on of Dr Ezani Monoto as the official 3M Scotch-Brite brand ambassador. 

The opening ceremony also took a memorable spin with the officiation into the Malaysian Book of Records for the "Biggest Collage Made of Sticky Notes" using Post-It Super Sticky Notes. The record was a collaboration between 3M Malaysia and INTI International University & Collages who helped develop and design the backdrop. 

The event showcase a wide range of products from kitchen utilities, construction equipment, water filter, car security films and healthcare products! I have a stethoscope that is from 3M as well! 3M stethoscope Litmann is rave to be one of the best stethoscope in the market!



I have been using 3M products for a long time and one of the products that I love to use is the Nexcare Acne Patch! I wrote a blogpost on this Nexcare product last year. The Nexcare Acne Patch is my go-to acne patch whenever I have a pimple popping up! It helps to clear up my skin overnight and the next day my skin is clear of pimples!

I am surprised with the 3M water filter system. It is very easy to use and there is a filter indicator to show you when the filter needs to be changed. I never knew that 3M produced water filter as well!

My mom's car is fitted with 3M security film and it is a robber resistant film. It was well known to be one of the great security film in the market. They also sell autocare products such as car shampoo, wax and etc.

The event lasted for 5 days at One Utama and consumers can experience firsthand and learn about how Science is applied to 3M products and at the same time win exciting prizes. In addition to 3M's effort to educate consumers, they also have a dental talk titled "Caring for Your Chompers".

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