Face Your Nightmare of Fear In Nights of Fright 5, Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

Every year, Sunway Lagoon always make "Nights of Fright" become more spooky, and horror experience to scare you, creep you out, or cause your jaw to drop in awe and amazement. You will  conquer your fears with your terrifying experiences are terrifying, or fun when you can see the monsters, zombies, ghosts, ghouls and sinister creatures around this attraction park! *If you are easily frightened, think twice before you enter.

Sunway Lagoon launched the Nights of Fright 5 at the night, beside they also welcome more than 1300 participants ran for their lives by by completing obstacles such as Outbreak, Spider Web and Survivor at various stations in Nights of the Undead Run. My friend, Woan Koon and I shocked when many runners also gathered to register so long queue...And many people are waiting for the Nights of Fright 5 too. You can watch my video about the dancing of ghosts & zombies at the entrance of Sunway Lagoon below;

The runners are ready for Nights of the Undead Run

We enjoyed to drink the blood juice from the Pharmacy booth, and then explored the spooky shop with the evil demons! We are not familiar with the tasty of blood juice! Bitter! We saw the people also cosplay as the Halloween characters around Sunway Lagoon's entrance. Cool.

Face Your Halloween Attraction Park in Nights of Fright 5, Sunway Lagoon

Notice the heavy fog around you? Then ghosts would jump out to spook you! My youngest sister, Jocelyn, who really love the Nights of Fright so very much so she always come to play around the haunted houses. She is really brave, just like me! We really enjoyed to explore around the different areas like Dystopia, Ouija, The Island of the Dolls, Horrorwood Studios and Day of the Dead...

Conquer your fears when you step in the Dystopia as you experience to watch a very crazy doctors and nurses who observe the suffering of patients in the haunted hospital. Every patient always scream until you scare or face the ghosts who wander in every room! It exposes you to a horrifying experience of patient treatments that are frightful to hear, daunting to see in the year 2147 in DYSTOPIA haunted hospital!

Then, my group and I joined the OUIJA as we experienced a scary séance in the mysterious and long abandoned attic of Mr. E.J. Bond Esquire’s home...I surisped to see the moving of people around their home, because they want to gather you and your friends to play the OUJIA board. But, you not dare to accompany them! You all sure away from their home area on every time you want to exit! 

For Day of The Dead in 3D, I experienced to face the darkness of death when I walked along the mysterious lighting captivate my attention to watch the phenomenon of life of the dead...Feel like to experience yourself when you die, everything grows dark around you until the dead souls who will follow you and your group of friends in the realm of the dead! Dare to face your spirits who wait for you in the Day of The Dead in 3D so it is scary!

We felt be amazed by THE ISLAND OF THE DOLLS, a replica of an accidental tourist attraction in Mexico which became famous due to a tragic disaster so, we curious about the mysterious dolls are hanging around the forests. You should not touch the dolls when you walk along a road to explore The Island of The Dolls. It is very quiet for us when we keep our eyes out if the ghosts will appear at anywhere in the forest! You will know why once you manage to seek in this island.

After this, we walked around the Scream Park, you and your friends can try to join the GHOSTBUSTERS while wandering through the iconic Firehouse HQ, and some infamous ghost locations such as Aldridge Mansion and Seward Street Subway. Then, move on to PONTIANAK vs POCONG, a bloody affair of a lover returning as a Pontianak and unfaithful husband as a Pocong – seeking what is rightfully theirs in a classic battle of evil vs evil. Meet the scariest movie characters of all time who will come to life and celebrate a night of horror at HORRORWOOD STUDIOS. And you will face the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE with simply no escape once you step foot into the land of the undead who will show you the worst of fears!

You will enjoy to recall your childhood nightmares with iconic horror movie characters at the HORRORWOOD BOULEVARD which adopts the famous Hollywood façade with large Oscar Statues, red carpet, velvet rope barriers, and lights. For example, you will face the horror movie villain characters like Ghostface of "Scream", Jigsaw of "Saw", Jason of "Friday the 13th", Freddy of "Nightmare on Elm Streets, Micheal of "Halloween", O-Ring, Silent Hills, and many!

Advise you to bring a BRAVE friend who will hold your hand and walk down the spooky jounery in the haunted houses, that make you brave enough to conquer any fear! You will have your new memories of seeing the ghosts while you stand behind them in the safe zone!

Lynton V. Harris, Chairman & CEO of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company said, “The team injected a slice of true events and myths inspired by Asian horror stories to create a close representation of the attractions. This year, we have Oujia, The Island of the Dolls, Dystopia and many more for the timid to the thrill junkies! The festival is scarier than before so come by as this is biggest and most anticipated event of the year!”

Nights of Fright 5 starts at 7.30pm – 11.30pm on every Friday – Sunday from 7th to 29th October including 31st October 2017. Tickets are priced at RM64. Guests can upload their experience and include the #sunwaylagoonMY and #sunwaylagoonNOF5 hashtags to their social pages.

*This event is recommended for guests above 12 years old.  Visitors dressed in their coolest and spookiest costumes will not be allowed to wear face masks or theatrical makeup to the event nights. Dare to enter this scary of NOF5! 

Ready be brave and gather your friends to step in the HORROR of zones in Nights of Fright @ Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia! 
If you miss the Nights of Fright 5? Don't worry! 
Next year, you will face the Nights of Fright 6 in 2018 again!

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