Best Premium Donburi Lunch Set @ Sango Japanese Restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

I never expected that Sango Japanese restaurant provided a very good premium donburi bowls with affordable prices, for the lunch set menu only. Sometimes, I also ordered a simple of donburi because this is individual set let you enjoy to to eat it alone. With my Japanese rice bowl, I love sweet sticky teriyaki sauce on chicken and salmon or beef, always with my favorite miso soup when I also went to the Japanese restaurant on every time.

Have you wondered that where is Sango Japanese Restaurant in Petaling Jaya? This restaurant is hidden in the Hotel Crystal Crown, which located at near the Jaya Shopping Mall and Taman Jaya Park, when you go circle around Jalan Utara, and Barat at Petaling Jaya. You can park your car in this hotel or use taxi or bus to take short minutes from Taman Jaya LRT station only.

When you come out from a lift to level 2, you will notice the Sango Japanese restaurant at end. My good friend and I don't know about Sango Japanese restaurant are hidden inside this hotel when my friends and I want to look for the Japanese restaurant in Petaling Jaya. I heard that this restaurant already operated over 22 years ago! Many tourists also enjoyed their premium sushi and sake - japanese rice wine, which prepared by them. There are the different type of sake there, so you can try to drink sake after you enjoy to dine at Sango Japanese restaurant!

I saw there are old Japanese magazines, comics, and novels used to be decoration for this environment, but if you want to experience to read them, it is fine to borrow it. I really miss my old Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from Japan because it always give free anime poster inside this magazine! We liked it so much. 

Sango Japanese restaurant launched the Donburi Lunch Set Menu, starting fromRM15.90 - RM28 only, with free soup of the day and Sango's homemade ice cream. If you ask me about which is my favorite of donburi lunch... There are 9 type of donburi lunch set menu like fish or prawn or chicken or you can choose what type you like! For vegetarian, you can choose the fried mix vegetables in bowl! Here, I highly recommended Chicken Teriyaki Don, Gyu Don and Sushi Moriawase if you and your family like to share together.

Chicken Teriyaki Don RM15.90
Sweet Teriyaki Sauce
Chicken' skins are very crunchy. I like to bite it so much because the meat inside so very sweet soft. 
Added the cherry tomato, slices of cucumber on the top of rice bowl.

Gyu Don RM18.90
Slices of Beef and Onion Tare Glaze
I surprised that the flowers & enoki mushrooms just decorated on the beef in a rice bowl. The beef's meat with onions simmered in soy sauce, make me felt this taste is strong flavor! Because this meat absorbed the onion's soy sauce when they fried it.

Unagi Tamago Don RM25.90
Eel and Egg Bowl
For eel lovers, you MUST try it out! It's delicious, and this brings out the natural sweetness of the eel
Chicken Katsu Tamago Don RM15.90
Chicken Crumb and Egg Bowl
This chicken katsu tamago don looks very attractive with the decoration of flowers and thin slices of seaweed nori too. I thought that the egg only, but it also hide the chicken katsu inside! It is nice to mix the chicken katsu with sweet egg so delicious.

Chicken Katsu Curry Don RM18.90
Crispy Chicken Cutlet Bowl
I tasted the curry sauce is very thick but mix with fried chicken katsu os good! Not very spicy.

Yasai Kaki Age Don RM15.90
Fried Mix Vegetables in Bowl
I also enjoyed to bite the Yasai Kaki Age so soft. I felt the taste is very soft tempura... Many old people really like this popular deep-fried tempura of vegetable. Don't worry, they did add the soy sauce on the tempura of mixed vegetables!

Ten Don RM18.90
Prawn and vegetables in bowl
There are two fried prawns and vegetables. 

Salmon Teriyaki Ju RM22.90
Teriyaki Salmon Rice Box
I really enjoyed the Salmon Teriyaki Donburi because there are two slices of fried salmon with healthy of vegetables! It come out with miso soup.

Tempura Soba RM18.90
Noodles with Mix Tempura
For noodle lovers, you can eat the light noodles with vegetable. When I eat the noodle, I felt like to drink the soup. If you want hot or cold soba, that's fine. Tempura is delicious for me. 

Sushi Moriawase 👍👍👍

Tempura Moriawase 👍👍

Sango Bento
Craving sashimi, noodles, Grilled salmon and Sushi 😋

Yakitori Omakase 💟

With this premium Donburi lunch set menu, you can also enjoy your choice of Donburi rice/noodle bowl with fresh ingredients. In addition, the other menu from our signature of sushi, skewer, bento dishes & more so you and your family enjoy it so much in Sango Japanese restaurant!

Sango Japanese Restaurant,
Level 2 - 
Hotel Crystal Crown, 
Lorong Utara A, PJS 52, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
(Lunch: 11pm - 2.30pm and Dinner: 5pm - 10.30pm)

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