Nicsmann 1940s By Lewré - The Starling Mall Uptown Damansara, Malaysia

When you and your friends want to drop at the Uptown, Petaling Jaya for the night life, I suggested you can try the Nicsmann 1940s By Lewré which is located at Ground floor in the Starling Mall there. You will have a great experience to enjoy your dining experience with your favourite wine or beer at same time, you can listen to the musical performance by the cool band at the Nicsmann restaurant! In the year 2017, Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre was opened by Dato’ Lewre Lew and Friendscino Group as 2nd branch In the Starling Mall, Uptown. They focused the modern & fine dining experience to make the entertainment and bar, included the live music so all can make everybody can enjoy both the food and shows!

The "NICSMANN" as big letter in Golden color to attract me and my mom so impressive! Because it can be spot so easily with big sign of "Nicsmann" when you walk by this restaurant at Ground floor so cool! All looks happy hour as they enjoyed the live music, so this vibe was cool in colorful light at the night restaurant! This place was pretty crowded when the night come!

This is cool wine & beer bar, so you know, the sitting area in the liquor bar's space, get be installed the automatic door because it can make less noise as lead the customers can have the good conversation over wine and tasty appetizers, especially they loved the yummy cheese pasta! They have 3 machines for dart games too!

The Nicsmann's Signature King Cheese Wheel Parmigiano Reggiano only be available in the Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre in The Starling Mall at the Uptown Damansara. The Cheese Wheel also imported from Italy and made with the freshest milk from the famous Parma and Reggio Emilio provinces in Italy, Parmigiano Reggiano is the apex of Italian cheese making and a symbol of Italian culture and civilization. This extravagant blend of old world cheese making and unrivaled quality fuse to create a delicate and savory rich full flavor that has made Parmigiano Reggiano world renowned as "The King of Cheese" because it can transforms any pasta, soup or salad into a great gourmet experience by the cheese lovers around world!

Parmigiano Reggiano wheel can be used to stirr pasta or risotto. When you want to order the pasta, you can choose 3 favourites; beef, or salmon or mushroom! You all can watch what a pasta chef who demostrate how to do with used the Parmigiano Reggiano's cheese wheel!

The King of Cheese Wheel - Parmiagiano Reggiano for Pasta only be available from Mon to Friday, 6PM - 11PM and Sat and Sun: 12PM - 11PM so you can try out them when you drop at the Uptown. Watch my youtube below;

For Pasta lovers, there are 3 type of frsh durum pasta with Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese made from Cheese Wheel...Beef Bacon - RM35.90, Trio Mushroom - RM35.90 and Grill Salmon - RM39.90.

Beef Bacon Pasta

Trio Mushroom Pasta

 Grilled Salmon Pasta

If you ask me which is most delicious Pasta, I would choose my favourite, Grilled Salmon Pasta! In my mouth, I feel this cheese cream also be soft so very good! Yummy! This cheese pasta can make me very full! Woww.

Fresh Salmon Trout Carpaccio - RM26

Each salmon raw slice is very thin so freshly. The Salad and mushroom are served at top...It is suitable as the appetizer when we are waiting for the main course! But I wish they should add a wasabi beside the salmon raw dish.

3 Ribs Grilled Australian Rack Of Lamb - RM64

A beautiful grilled lamb with herbs and rosemary sauce...Added the mashed potato and vegetables too. Be honest, the grilled lamb is very hard to bite... I cannot eat it already because this lamb is not my favourite. If you are meat lover, you will love it

Teriyaki Fresh Salmon Trout - RM48

This fresh salmon trout is glazed with teriyaki sauce, which is my best recommended! Served with mashed potato, mushroom, and vegetables. So delicious!

Seafood Platter - RM160

With perfect platter of grilled seafood combination - a dozen grilled green mussels with tomato coulis, cheesy baked John Dory Fish, Stuffed calamari and one dozen girlled prawn skewers. I really love  the dory fish so yummy...fried calamari also delicious cuz it get seasoned mashed potatoes so I ate it so much! The mussels also be nice cooked so well! It can shared by 3 - 4 persons!

Coconut Nuts (RM40)
Malibu, Rum, Banana Liquor and Coconut Cream

Coconut Nuts can make you feel cool but, you get a surispe when you drink a very sweet coconut with cream & liquor, it is really different than normal coconut! I don't know how they do it!

Watermelon Love (RM40)
Vodka , Midori , Lychee Liquor, and Watermelon Juice

Never expected the vodka. midori, lychee liquor put inside the watermelon as you both can be drunk in love when you both enjoyed to drink it together?? It can shared by two partners or with family, can! I really love it because I can drink and eat watermelon juice at same time!

Sizzling Brownies - RM24

Wow, each dessert always come out with the fire candles so cool! It can used for your friend or family member's birthday! The delicious Sizzling Brownies are made by arranging brownies, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream on the hot sizzling plate. The chocolate brownies with ice cream already be melt down, make us feel this dessert be special! I felt that brownies is very sweet, but the arome of chocolate also melt in my mouth so better!

Chocolate Lava - RM24

Lastly, I really love Chocolate Lava so much! I can see the lava chocolate bomb out from volcano already when I cut this cake...the ice cream vanila with the strawberry slice also topped on this kind of chocolate lava! Yummy! Next time, I sure grab it!

For me, I felt this place had reasonably priced food, but the expensive drinks. They give the friendly service so good. Thank you to Openrice Malaysia, I have a chance to experience a amazing food tasting season at Nicsmann 1940 by Lewre! I am be grateful with every blogger as we enjoyed to dine together! I also try to be Pasta chef who be with a King of Cheese Wheel, funny. First time, I touch this cheese wheel so real hard!

Nicsmann 1940s By Lewre The Starling
Lot G-034 &G-035 Ground Floor,
No.6, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Call 013-359 0443 (Booking Line)

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yaya_flanella said…
Nice place and foods look so tempting!
Emily said…
From shoes to fine dining. The ambience is really classy. So Instagrammable.
Unknown said…
This place looks like a amazing place to hang out for good food and good company. The ambiance is definitely looking awesome. If I'm ever come visit PJ, I'll stop by for sure.
Beautynthebear said…
The dessert looks so tempting!!! going to check out soon
Arisa Chow said…
starling mall is so near me, should drop by to try them out! Thanks for reviewing the place
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Omg i love their pasta, loads with lots of cheese. yummss