Senthai & Mookata, Thai Steamboat @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong Malaysia

Bandar Menjalara always get many folks who come to taste the different kind of steamboat on every night. My mom and I went to Kepong after work since Senthai & Mookata, Thai restaurant that invited us to try their Thai steamboat with the high quality ingredients and fresh seafood, included the Thai dishes. I learned that the Senthai & Mookata owner who is Malaysian, that also  married to his Thai wife, so they opened Senthai & Mookata steamboat restaurant because they want to bring different variety of authentic Thai food with their own verison of Thai recipes. They also welcome you all and Thai people who missed Thai food so openly, that's why they enjoyed a very special arome of Thai steamboat, fried rice, soup, steam fish, and you better taste it out!  

SenThai and Mookata means that In Thailand, the traditional steamboat pot with used BBQ charcoal as the burning medium. So, I noticed that they also place the charcoal inside before the soup pot, or can used to heat up the steamboat only.

I feel the simple interior of relaxing dining environment, just all be in the dark wood with few of Thai decoration. It just looks like the Thai street stall with the bamboo and Thai textiles.

From left to right, Soya Drink, Ice Berg Cha Nom (IceBerg Thai Milk Tea) - RM11.50, Cha Nom Ron Yen (Thai Ice Milk Thai) - RM6.90. I shocked that Ice Berg Cha Nom is very sweet, sweet milk a lot! I don't like to drink a very sweet tea milk. I wish that they put more water to make less sugar.... I suggested that you should drink a normal Thai Ice Milk, enough.

Jim Jum, most popular of tradional Thai style steamboat served with the charcoal burining in a stove! According to them, Jin Jum is very popular of Thai street, also from Laos, Cambodia and North East Thailand. It also served the chicken meat, prawn, squids, meat ball, and vegetables. They also add the kaffir lim leaves, lemongrass, sweet basil, galangal herbs into the soup, then you will enjoy to drink the aromatic herbs soup, lastly you can put the seafood and meat are cooked in a small claypot heated with charcoal fire!

So, the taste is so good and aromatic when it's cooked with fresh pork and seafood. You can ask to refill more for this kind of soup. Jim Jum can be enough for two persons, just RM65++ only!

Som Tum Thai (Thai Papaya salad) - RM10.90. There are many slices of Thai papaya salad mixed with dried chilli and chilli padi, shallots are tossed in their special tamarind sauce. It is simple dish, so not very spicy, but it is delicious because it get added the onions, and chopped peanuts too, cause more thai aromatic.

Kaikata (Thai Style Omelette) RM13.50, with Thai Tea or Coffee. First time, I eat the omelette with the slices of ham, so taste good. But the bread looks as hard to bite. It is suitable as the breakfast.

Kow Pad Sapparod (Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice) - RM15.90. It make me surisped when I tasted this fried rice is very sweet with sour of pineapple in the dark sauce! So, it is okay only.

Kaw Pad Moo (Pork Fried Rice) - RM10.90. I prefer this normal fried rice with the meat pork, so this is delicious if you love fried rice!

This is a snack for the additon on lunch set RM4 only. It also have 3 pieces of fried fritters with a Thai lemon tea drink only. It is available for lunch time.

It's a new purple drink, called Butterfly Pea Drink! It has a sweet aroma and sourish so great! I like it~ Next time, we will drink this one again when we visit the Senthai & Mookata as we free!

Gang Keaw Wan Moo (Green Curry Pork) - RM16.00. This is one I recommend you to try the best pork in the thick of green curry with the coconut milk. It is so great to taste a very aromatic herbs of vegetables such as green peas, brinjals, basil leaves, and fresh chilli. The Green Curry is one of my favourite of Thai food!

Tom Kha Kai - RM18. My mom and I surisped to see a very light colour of tomyam, Thai style which is really very creamy soup. We get the chicken meat, dried chilli padi, and herbs also inside the soup.

Pla Neiung Ma Nao (Steam Fish in Lime Sauce) - RM38. It is very addictive fish with the hearb leaves, and lime sauce on top.

Senthai & Mookata have a special dessert, that is the Tub Tim Grob (Red Ruby dessert), made orginially from Bangkok, Thailand. I tasted the aroma of cold coconut milk that really are unqiue, different than normal coconut milk! I found out about they used the imported candle-scented coconut milk from Thailand! We told that Thai people also love this flavour and like to add it in any dessert! 

If you miss the Thai steamboat, you can try to dine there!

Senthai and Mookata @ Bandar Menjalara 
Unit 1-12 and 1-13, Plaza Menjalara Bandar Menjalara, 
52200 Kepong Tel: 012-333 9027 / 03-6262 3757 
Business hours: 10.30am – 10.30pm

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