Flipper - Fun Brushing with Hearty Owl Toothbrush Holder

Flipper love to make your kids love to brush their tooth so happliy when they enjoy to see a cute toothbrush holder! They wan make your tooth be clean too! It focus the safey to use and store your toothbrush be hygienic, avoid from the dust... Their mission to bring the inspiring smile for the children when they make brushing fun! My sisters and I always to talked about our favourite animal toothbrush holders, which put in the toilet. We miss our old toothbrush holder after we grew up be big already!

At my office, I received this delivery package box, so this is very good condition, and keep be in clean... I explored every side of box...I found out that the attraction word; "Specially made for you. Thank you and Enjoy" that make you to be happy to use Flipper's toothbrush holder! Make me curious! Nice design package made by Flipper!

Please watch my video below; "Unboxing My Flipper"

We, sisters already be in love with a very cute owl toothbrush holder because it give dfferent muticolored owl toothbrush holder, to enable the kids to fall in love with brushing! Flipper also give the cute names for different toothbrush holder's design! I introduced that this is a new orange toothbrush holder, called "Hearty Owl". It's OWL Hearty - RM23.90 only.

I feel excited to rotate the wide-eyed owl timer brushing into one minute when I be ready to brush my teeth! It's good to educate your kids to take 1-2 minute to clean their teeth with their toothbrush! So, they practice to get a good brushing habit, in order to rotate this sand timer until their brushing is done! It is suitable for young children, included the teenagers can feel joy if they use it!

How to use the Hearty Owl toothbrush holder?
It's easily attached to the glass or mirror. Air vents is very strong when it looks like to glued to the mirror. First step, you can pull out from this Hearty Owl holder.. Then, you rotate its eyes into one minute, at same time, you can brush your teeth and stare this owl too! Please watch my video below;

It's fun to play to rotate the owl's eyes on every time while you are in the bathroom no matter you use to brush your teeth or not! How to buy this OWL toothbrush holder? There are 3 colour be available in the Owl Design Flipper Store Online, please check out at

Flipper Store Online:
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Hey! Look at my eyes when you brush so fun! ya!

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